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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What the What?!?!” Edition

Hello friends it’s your friendly neighborhood PB bringing you this week’s Five Thoughts on a Friday. This week was a lot of fun with it being Halloween and all. Hope yours was not as soggy as ours. If you are wondering where Beer is well that is hard to say. Something about work and actually doing it to get paid or some damn thing like that, so here I am. Just like Huey Lewis and the News say working for a living right?

Let’s check out what we have going this week shall we?

  1. Like the title says this week is “What the What” and boy is this a doozy. If you wear a costume that says you are one thing, please don’t get arrested for doing it to someone else like let’s say your boyfriend. Just another example that alcohol can lead stupid people to do even more stupid things.
  2. Once in a while even in sports you can make a “What the What” moment. I have played various sports in my days and watched plenty more with friends but this one was truly a “OH HELL!!” moment. If you are a professional soccer player you know the rules buddy.
  3. This one is also from the ranks of too much alcohol can get you into places and situations that when you wake up you say “What the What?!?!?” I know that would be my reaction if I found myself being arrested as I woke up on the back of a horse
  4. This one is a story and non-story at the same time. The man at the center of this story has passed on. Good thing is they didn’t do to him like what he did to a dead whale back in 1970. How does this tie into the theme today you ask? He did what to what to a whale and it did what?!?! Thank you George for this moment most will never forget! 
  5. This is what you don’t want to find when you are hunting ever. If you are in a tree stand and you shoot a deer wait a little longer to come down and check out your prize. If there is another buck hanging around and won’t leave when you come down, I would stay back and do not mess with that buck for sure!! Good thing these guys are quick.

Well folks that’s the Five Thoughts for this week. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and received lots of treats and no tricks, unless you’re into that kinda thing. In honor of a ground breaking artist that passed this week we say thank you Lou Reed and see you on the Wild side.


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Weird, Gross, Painful, and Freekin’ Cool “Edition

Hello Folks! You guessed right it’s time for Five Thoughts on a Friday the PB edition. As you can tell from the title it will be the start of the annual October festivities of Halloween soon! I hope to entertain you and not in a scary way……..I hope. The bin is full of thrilling items so as Vincent Price said in a great 80’s song “It’s time for, the THRILLER!!!”

  1. This one is from the “Weird” file. I think we all at one time said I wish I could just disappear for a little while. There are even those times when in a fit of anger you may have said “DROP DEAD!” to someone you like or don’t like. But this guy takes it to a whole new level by wanting to come back from the dead? How does one handle it when a judge says “your dead honey.”  
  2. This one is from the file marked “Cool”. For all of those kids that play with Hot Wheels cars love how they change colors this one is right in your wheel house. Sounds like they finally have it down to have your paint job change colors depending on the weather. TOO COOL!!
  3. This one comes from the file marked “Painful”. People tend to make mistakes when messing with drunk people. With that said doesn’t mess with a drunken lady with a hand grip like a vice especially when she is pissed off! Also don’t let her get a hold of the man parts because that will hurt! We all know how it ends when you start messing with Sasquatch
  4. From the files of “Gross” comes this dandy one. I don’t know what possesses people to do such things like not replacing the toilet paper roll when empty or let your pet stick its tongue in your mouth after knowing it uses it to lick parts on themselves. I still shake my head with at the thought of this. If you see something on the floor that resembles food and did not see someone put it there, why would you pick it up and eat it? I guess you can ask this TV weather guy and also enquire how the cat puke tasted. Yep you guess it he ate cat puke on LIVE TV?!?!
  5. Finally this is from the “FREEKIN’ COOL!!!!” file. Only in New York do they get such fun things happening. This one needs no introduction so ladies and gentleman………I give you………………..Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!

Well all that’s that for this edition of Five Thoughts the PB edition. It is a wonderful sunny day here in Michigan so please get out and enjoy yourself. I feel a little old school Black Sabbath coming on. So in honor of the army getting closer to making this a reality, I know Ironman would be proud!

On behalf of Beer, The King and me PB, have a great weekend everyone!!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Happy Freakin’ Friday” Edition

Happy Freakin’ Friday everyone! Wow, now there’s a phrase that can be taken several ways, can’t it. Well, I’ll let everyone ponder that for a bit as we blast through this week’s post. Should be a mixed bag this week, with a mix of silly, fun, and… stuff! So, let’s get going, shall we?

  1. I’m a huge coffee guy. I drink a *lot* of coffee. And I’ll be honest, at any given moment the coffee I’m drinking is probably pretty far from being “high quality”.  That being said, I do enjoy what is generally known as good coffee. However, you gotta draw the line somewhere. And when I read articles like this, all I can think of is – “This started as a joke or something right?” I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever been needing a cup of coffee so badly I decided that beans that had been pooped out by an animal would work to make a cup of coffee! And yet now… It’s the most expensive coffee in the world!
    And of course, I can’t mention fancy coffee without bringing up this:
  2. Every now and then, you just read one of those stories that you know had several other working titles in the office before the ‘official’ one was settled on. And I know that probably happened with this one. I could see it being called something along the lines of “Movie nerds pee themselves”. Now, what could possibly prompt that? How about being in the theater as “Man of Steel” launches (And where Superman fights General Zod) only to find yourself in the restroom with the original (movie) General Zod himself, Terrance Stamp. Not familiar with the character? Here you go.
  3. Changing gears a bit, we head to the intersection of (sad) current events and pro sports. I can’t blame the guy for not being amused. It seems ESPN got a little mixed up during coverage of the murder case involving Aaron Hernandez. And referred to the suspect as… Aaron Rodgers. Murder suspect, MVP…. Hey, both start with an ‘M’ right? Sheesh! I gotta side with Mr. Rodgers on this one. Not Funny ESPN.
  4. So, now that we’ve established ‘not funny’ I think it’s time we move toward something that is funny. Seems only fair. We’ve shown some fun posts of people kayak fishing before. Usually it involves large sharks and such, but we’ve never shown a kayak fisherman being attacked before. Until now. And the attacking species? Great White? Nope. Tiger shark? Negative. Mako? Not even close. It was that menace of the sea known as…. the cuttlefish.
  5. And to close it out, a note about a family sticking together. Or maybe not so much, maybe the son didn’t like his cut? Because after recognizing a bank robbery suspect on the television, he called the police. And let them know it was his own mother! Hmmm, maybe he didn’t get the gaming console he wanted for Christmas or something.
    And a side note… the story said she demanded $2500 and got $1092. What, did the bank take out taxes on the withdrawal or something?

Okay folks, that’s five for this freakin’ Friday. I’m knocking off early today to look into spending money I don’t have. So in the meantime, why don’t you join me in freaking out. (See, you knew I’d explain it at some point. Right?)

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Almost There” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to this week’s edition of Five Thoughts. A big thanks to PB for filling in for me last week – I was just getting back into town and to say I would have been unprepared to write the post would be an understatement. So, we we’re into December now, and the snow if flying on the blog… time to see what’s on tap for this week. But first, it should be pointed out that today is December 7th. The 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I know it’s been so long since it happened that to most people it’s only a note in the history books. As someone who’s had the chance to visit Pearl Harbor and see the memorial, I can honestly say it’s something everyone who gets a chance should do. You don’t realize the scale involved until you do. And it’s eerie out there on the memorial itself. Now, on to the post!

  1.  Let’s start with a bit of a public service announcement. If you’re thought of as knowing about computers in way shape or form – you probably remember getting a phone call a few years back that went something like this “I got this message that popped up and said I had a virus – so I hit the button that said scan and now my computer won’t work and it says I need to buy something”. Well, a variation on that theme is back. So you may want to pre-emptively start calling your family and telling them not to fall for the scam that tells them their operating system is locked and that they owe a $100 fine.
  2. When it came out, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” was a silly, kind of funny movie – in the sense that it was so over the top you couldn’t help but laugh at it. Now, a homeowner on the Jersey Shore is playing “Dude, Where’s my HOUSE?”. It appears it’s gone missing after Hurricane Sandy.
  3. Now, I know I’ve mentioned it before…. But sometimes the posts really do just write themselves. And when you see a headline that says Elephant dung coffee goes for $50 a pop you know you’ve found one. I just wonder though – am I the only one who wonders about the use of the word ‘pop’ in a headline basically dealing with poop? And did the accompanying picture in that article *really* need to be on the front page og the online edition this morning?
  4. Wow, we’ve really covered a lot of ground here in this post. Let’s keep rolling right along. Now, it’s no secret that we’ve been just ever so slightly critical of a lot of the crap garbage regurgitated dog food movies that Hollywood has been putting out lately. And it appears that we aren’t the only ones who thing the best entertainment options may be felt elsewhere these days. According to the Washington Post earlier this week, the video game “Call of Duty” has topped one billion dollars faster than the movie Avatar did it. Now, to be fair – the average ticket price for Avatar wasn’t in the $60 price range so I’m not certain it’s a fair comparison. But hey, I needed a post item and this not only gave me the opportunity to take a shot at Hollywood (Get it? Call of Duty, Take a shot?), but it also lets me throw this one in for fun…
  5. And speaking of fun and it being December and all, we’re waiting for the snow to fall. And to help pass the time until it does – here’s something to keep you occupied. Buddy’s snowball fight! Just don’t hit the big guy!

Okay folks, that’s five and we’re out for the weekend. While I have no problem being on the radio now that we’re officially into ‘holiday season’ I’m not quite ready to start subjecting people to Christmas songs just yet. Fair warning though, we’re ‘almost there’. However, we can inch a bit closer to that with this one. It’s not about Christmas, but it is about snow! (Hey Oh).

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Pointless and Proud” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Five Thoughts. I’m Beermaker, your host for today’s little sojurn into whatever it is I end up writing about in the space below. (How was that? Too formal? Stuffy? I was trying for “proper and dignified” but I think it came across as stuffy)
Anywho (and yes, I meant to spell “anywho”)….. Anywho, I’ll admit to not really looking into a lot of national news this past week. I’ve been focusing my attention on some local news close to home, but other than to say it involves a lot of people who are very bad at math and accepting reality, I’m not going to say any more about it. So, let’s see what crazy stuff we can find to cover today, shall we?

  1. I know I’ve covered this before, both here and on Twitter but I’m going to go over it again. My license plate/vehicle registration renewal arrived in the mail this week. Included in the packet is the little sticker (called a “tab”) that you need to place on your license plate. The packet even includes instructions. It’s starts with directing you to the license plate at the rear of the vehicle (even though in this state we don’t even HAVE front license plates) – see, they’re working with you! Next up is this line… “For all license plates EXCEPT motorcycles affix the sticker in the upper right hand corner”. Okay, let’s cover this again. Do you have a motorcycle? No? Ok, then it goes in the upper right hand corner. Simple. If you put it in any other corner, you are doing it wrong. It does not say use the stickers to play tic-tac-toe. It does not say use them to play connect four. It does not say use them to make your license plate look like a bingo card. If you can not follow “put the sticker in the upper right hand corner”, let’s be honest here… If you can’t do that, you probably don’t have the proper mental makeup to actually be operating a motor vehicle, do you?
  2. I get a kick out of this one…. Apparently there’s a man who’s been forging artwork for years, and donating it to museums. And he hasn’t been chaged with a crime, due to the fact that he’s always donated the paintings. Although it seems he’s avoiding charges by the slimmest of margins based on the wording that was used. Still, the museums are onto him, and I love what they’re doing in Cincinnati. They’ve collected a bunch of the forgeries, and putting them into a display called “Faux Real” to educate people about art forgery. The best part? The display will open on April Fools Day. To quote the guys from the old Guinness commercials… Brilliant!
  3. Officially, the Major league Baseball season has started. Seattleand Oaklandare currently playing a series in Japan. For the rest of us, It starts next week. Now, how can you NOT root for a guy trying to make the roster in Colorado? Okay, I admit, if you’re trying to earn that same roster spot you might not want to root for him. 49 year old Jamie Moyer is looking at catching on with the Colorado Rockies. I love it. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s pretty much all the good stuff that sports can be. And it also makes me think of a scene from Major League. I can’t help it.  (Ironically, that movie came out five years AFTER Moyer was drafted)
  4. I seem to be finding a posting a lot of articles about stuff on the bottom of the ocean lately. Or at least it feels that way. This week, it’s news that Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos and a search team have located the rocket boosters used to launch the Apollo 11 space mission. I think that’s totally cool in a science/geek/history kind of way, but it does raise a couple of questions. I mean, when they found the Titanic, it was pretty obvious which ship it was and all, but with this… there was more than one Apollo mission. I’m pretty sure they all used the same types of rockets. How did they determine these were the engines from Apollo 11 and not one of the other Apollo missions? Did they get a picture? Regardless, still cool. And I hope they do mange to raise them.
  5. I drink a lot of coffee. And by a lot, I mean way, way more than I probably should. That being said, I’ve never been a big Starbucks guy. For one, I’m not big on spending $7 on a cup of coffee. I also don’t want to learn another language to order it. When I want a large coffee, it means I want the biggest size you have. When I do buy coffee at a coffee shop though (Geez, that sounded a little too much like the Dos Equis guy there for a second. “I don’t always drink coffee..”). Anyways, when I do buy coffee at a coffee shop, it’s just coffee. No Lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, iced whatevers (That’s my co blogger). So, this doesn’t bother me at all. This story might “bug” my co-blogger though since this pertains to one of his favorites. Do you want cream, sugar, or crushed bugs with that?

Okay, that’s five and I’m ready to jump into the weekend. Aren’t we all? So to close out, I’m going to go with a band that was suggested to me earlier in the week. However, since I can never do anything without trying to throw a bit of a curveball into it, I’m going to make a small change. You may know this band better for “Dancing if they want to” but for right now, it’s “Pop goes the world”. That’d be a sight to see, huh?

Have a great weekend folks! See you in two weeks! (That’s right, Kingkielbasa is now on the clock for next week)

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Late Start” editon

Good morning folks, and welcome to the Friday post that almost wasn’t. Yep, you read that correctly. There almost wasn’t a post today. Why? Well, let’s get rolling on today’s five and you’ll find out.

  1. Yes, I got a late start today. Even if I had gotten an early start, I would not have been prepared for what I saw in a Yahoo! sports blog today. An NFL nose tackle (AKA “A very large human being”), driving a Hello Kitty smart car. Let me say that again…

    An NFL nose tackle, driving a Hello Kitty smart car.

  2. Moving right along….
    I feel bad for this person, I really do. A man was attacked and severely injured in a shark attack. But I can’t help thinking to myself… “The beach was CLOSED due to shark sightings”. In an area known for great white sharks and shark attacks. You ignored the signs. Not Smart.
  3. I got this from my co-blogger earlier in the week. Originally I thought it screamed “This will not end well”. New York Abandons Eye Exams For Driver’s Licenses. Then I drove home, and I realized that in truth – it isn’t gonna make a bit of difference.
  4. You can spin the reasoning any way you want – I say it’s nothing but a way to get your name back in the headlines. You know,  get publicity. And I’m fine with that. After all, I’m using it as a cheap excuse to talk about boobies! “Holly Madison insures her breasts for $1 million
  5. Okay… Now, why did we almost not have a post today? Because I was almost still in bed. Unintentionally. Yes, today was one of those days that we’ve all had at least once before in our life. You sort of half wake up thinking it’s the middle of the night (or in some cases the daylight tips you off that something is amiss) and blurrily look over at the clock. And you realize that the time staring back at you is far later than it should be and your alarm did not go off. So yeah – the resulting “Oh $h*t” moment was enough to jump start my day and get me going. At least until I got into the office and got some coffee. LOTS of coffee. Even though yesterday was actually National Coffee Day.

Okay folks, that’s a quick five (again, apologies but it needed to be a rush job today) and it’s time for me to head off and get ready for another exciting, home improvement filled weekend!

Until then – let’s go with a little Alan Jackson music for a change a pace on the way out.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Technical Difficulties” edition

Ok, finally able to get this cranked out. Apologies folks, but it’s going to be a bit more brief than originally intended due to lost time. So to make up some of that lost time, let’s get going shall we? The weekend awaits!

  1. I know we’re usually kind of weird as it is around here but the other day while walking outside I saw something that made me wonder “Just how in the world did THAT, get HERE?”. We’re talking about a used coffee filter, sitting on a curb in a parking lot. About 200 yards from the closest office building (and probably 225 from the closest coffee maker). It’s not like someone missed the trash on that one.
  2. Let’s jump to sports for a moment. Something we seem to have opined on quite a bit lately. Sometimes you hear the term “East coast bias” when discussing sports items. Want an example? Take this fun article on Famous names/bloodlines drafted in the recent baseball draft. His #7 pick is the son of a player who “everyday shortstop for the Mets from 1984 to 1987, including their 1986 World Series championship. He also played for the Yankees in 1988”. You know who only made honorable mention? Colin Kaline, grandson of Hall of Famer Al Kaline. A lifetime Tiger. A little east coast/New York bias there? Now, want to see me blow that out of the water? The writer, Steve Henson, is from California. Maybe not so biased, huh? I actually just thought the article was cool so I invented a reason to talk about it.
  3. Just how cold *is* the water up there anyways? An “extremely rare” blue lobster has been pulled from the ocean up near Prince Edward Island. This follows one being found up there in 2009 as well. Either they aren’t as rare as we’re being told or it’s really freaking cold in the water. And I’m voting cold.
  4. Have you ever noticed that quite often, if given the chance the people you see out in public acting like complete and utter ignorant, self absorbed, you-know-whats will turn around and remove any doubt? Just like the lady using her phone in a theater in Texas who was shown the door. You really have to listen to the video. So really, Miss? You “didn’t know”? Article says you were warned twice. Was it after the SECOND warning that you STILL didn’t know? And really.. “magnited”? I swear, it’s almost too stupid to believe.
  5. Phoning in the last one… don’t care. It’s a fun, yet easy one. Summer is here folks! (Well, aside from today, where early spring seems to have made a reappearance after tropical heat)
    Why not get out there and have some fun? And what can be more fun than cow chip throws? Or fungus? Duct tape or garlic maybe? What the hell am I talking about? Things that all have their very own festivals! Go, check them out. Someone has to. And it isn’t gonna be me. I have other vacation plans this year.

Ok, that’s five! Apologies again for the delay. We’ll try to get back on schedule for next week. In the meantime, it’s time to get ready for the weekend. And I have a hockey game to watch tonight. In the meantime, let’s pump it up with some Elvis Costello.

Have a great weekend folks!