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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Back from the Beach” Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Beer’s back from the islands, and boy did he have a good time. More of that later though. For now, let me thank Kingkielbasa for filling in for me last week. Now that I’m back… let’s see what’s going on…

  1. Unless you live under a rock – and even if you do, they probably still found a way to make sure you found out – the NFL draft started last night. I get a kick out of it – for several reasons. First, I like football, and I think it’s fun to watch. Possibly even more fun though, is listening to all the ‘fans’ that either start making Superbowl reservation, or screaming bloody murder about the pick their team just made. And then the very next day come the “grades”. Really? These kids haven’t even gotten to the city where they’ll play yet, and they’re being graded? Good luck with that.
  2. Bouncing back to travel, and no – this isn’t going to be about another of my boondoggles…. Virgin America is basically introducing in-flight dating. Okay, maybe not quite that extreme. But then again, when the feature is rolled out in a video called “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky“, well…
  3. Coming back from a trip… I am reminded at just how fast, and how easy it is to become unplugged, and enjoy it. I’ve also come to realize how hard that makes it to keep up with interesting stories to use when writing a post like this at the end of the week. Then you watch a baseball game and see a player decide risking his surgically repaired knee by slamming into the catcher on a frigid cold April night isn’t even remotely close to being worth it. And that’s what Victor Martinez of the Detroit Tigers did this week.
  4. A fun story in the news this week has been about a giant (foam) head that came floating down the Hudson River. Of course, all the hoopla as I’ve read it has been about people trying to find out where it came from. Meanwhile, I have another question. How do you misplace a 7-foot foam head, and not notice it’s gone missing???
  5. Lastly, I’m not sure why this came up under the finance headlines, but that’s where I found it. And any of you that hate hospitals, and bugs? Welcome to a your latest nightmare. Hospitals – that have bed bugs. Think about it, you’re lying there trying to heal up from whatever injury or illness landed you in a hospital bed to begin with, when you realize those little buggers are starting to bite. Pleasant thought, no? And for those of you whose skin is crawling now? You’re welcome.

Okay folks. That’s five, and I’m off to try to get caught up from not being home last weekend. In the meantime though, as I was celebrating getting to add yet another year to my age while I was on my latest boondoggle, I realized that age is indeed starting to catch up with me. And the twenty-somethings at the bar that night? They learned something too. Just like the Toby Kieth song… “I’m not as good as I once was, But…

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Jobbie Nooner” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Friday post filled with… stuff. Been a rough week around here, with my co-blogger and I seemingly having a competition that neither of us wanted to have, nor win. More on that, and a bunch of other… stuff to cover this week. Shall we what’s rattling around in Beer’s brain this week? (Consider yourselves warned!)

  1. “Hey Beer, you called this the Jobbie Nooner Edition. Shouldn’t you be on the lake right now?” Well, technically it’s on an island in a river, not a lake. But to answer your question in two parts… Yes, I *do* believe I should be on a lake right now but hell no I don’t want to be anywhere near that mass of humanity. I’m not a big fan of drunken crowds. When you add in a bunch of people operating boats while drinking (Note: Many attendees are responsible boaters. This is a case of a few nitwits giving everyone a bad name), well… I’ll pass. I know the boating skills of the general populace in my area. I’m not overly impressed when they’re sober. Let alone when they’re drinking. However, it is a big party. And it is a big tradition around here. If you want more info on it, check it out here. Before you go though.. let me warn you of one other reason I choose not to attend. Remember folks… What is seen, can never be unseen. If you catch my meaning.
  2. So, LeBron James finally won an NBA championship last night. I’ll admit, I didn’t watch. I was watching paint drywater boil um, actually, I don’t know what I was watching. But I know it wasn’t basketball. That being said, now that he has a ring, I’m sure some of his critics will get off his case. And I’m sure none of the ones who do will likely be from the Cleveland area. I haven’t checked yet this morning to see if LeBron got trashed out on twitter by NHL players the way he did after game 4 though. That was good for a laugh.
  3. Speaking of the NHL… They have the first round of their draft on tonight. Once again I think I’ll spend my time watching paint dry or water boil. Sorry, but the NHL draft is far closer to the MLB draft than to NFL or NBA drafts. Even the first round doesn’t wind me up. Why? Simple really, just like baseball – with the exception of one or two kids (Who you’ve never even heard of unless you’re some uber geek fan) the draft goes like this. Team goes up to the podium, drafts a kid that fans can expect to (hopefully) see on the big club’s roster in 2-4 years, and goes and sits back down. It’s not the NFL where you know these guys are probably on the team when the season fires back up. Again, yes there are exceptions but for the most part that’s how it goes down. Pretty much the most excitement you can hope for is on the trade front.
  4. As I mentioned in the intro, stuff’s been breaking lately. And I have to say, in a competition that no one truly wins… My co-blogger won. I lost a hot water heater. My co-blogger lost his A/C. On two of the hottest days of the year. So yeah, he “won”. Fortunately we’re both back up running at the moment. Which means that we’re now waiting for the next thing to break.
  5. Which leads to one other observation. Over the past week, we’ve been hit by a heatwave. And so I couldn’t help but think of ways to try to beat the heat. And then when I an article about New York having an ice cream shortage, I thought… “That’s just mean”. I also figured, “well, at least they can go for a swim”. Then I saw the next two articles… Which are enough to make you afraid to go back into the water. For freshwater… We have the 300-plus pound alligator gar. And if that thing didn’t have enough teeth for you… How about the great white sharks off the coast of Massachusetts? Yeah, I’m gonna go find a swimming pool. Or a slip and slide or something.

Okay folks, I’m done complaining about stuff and I’m off to get ready to make some more beer this weekend. Yep, because nothing beats the heat like standing over a kettle full of boiling sugary liquid! In the meantime… some Ice Cream to keep the rest of you cool.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Post Draft” Edition

Howdy folks! And welcome to another coffee fueled edition of Five Thoughts on a Friday. It’s nine o’clock, is six cups of coffee too many to have had already? Anyhow if I start forgetting to put spaces in between words it’s probably because that’s rate stuff is running through my head right now. That being said… let’s see what’s rattling around in Beer’s noggin this morning!

  1. Watching some of the NFL draft last night, my strange mind once again wandered to the types of things only I wonder about. The first round of the NFL draft is great live action theater. The player gets a call from the coach/GM of the team drafting them as the pick is announced on the stage. Out comes the player, on the way out they are given a team hat. They walk out, hug the commissioner, and are given a jersey with their name on the back. Now, that’s all fine and good for the 1st round picks, but how do they keep up later in the draft? Do they have an army of people with sewing machines getting jerseys ready and then sewing them up as the pick is turned in? And why do I wonder about things like this?
  2. Rocker Ted Nugent recently had to have a little sit down with the Secret Service (an organization that has apparently had a few issues of their own lately). Now, I don’t care if you’re off to the right, off to the left, or off the deep end. If you say what he said, you’re going to get a visit. And rightfully so. That being said, Vice President Biden’s plane was recently the victim of a bird strike. Which makes me wonder who the Secret Service is going to talk to about that. If I were Big Bird, I might be a little nervous right now.
  3. Aside from the draft, two NHL game sevens last night. Both ended up being one goal games, with one going into double overtime! Great sports night to be watching more than one television, it was. Second round picks later today, probably. Mine were suitably awful in the first round. Only one game scheduled for tonight. Coyotes vs Predators. I was suitably impressed by the Preds, and watched none of the Coyotes/Blackhawks, so I’m going with the Predators in six.
  4. The new 2013 Shelby 500 details are out, and all I can say is… 662 horsepower??? Are you freaking kidding me? I love it, but this has kicked off a right brain/left brain debate in my head. At what point do we cross the line? I mean, think of the average driver (who thankfully will likely never be behind the wheel of one of these monsters) and their (lack of) driving skills. They’d hopefully only do harm to themselves and (unfortunately) the car in the 30 or fewer seconds it would take them to lose control and wreck.
  5. Giant cannibal shrimp!!! Everybody Panic!! Oh, wait. They’re giant by shrimp standards, but not sea monster sized. Still, it’s a serious invasive species problem. However, I can see a solution here.  They are apparently tasty. If there’s one thing humans have proven over the years is that we are more than capable and willing to eat a species to the brink of extinction. And a tasty shrimp that can reach the size of a lobster? Get me a grill, some garlic butter, and I’ll off about 4 of them for dinner.

Okay folks, that’s a quick five and I’m off! Since we touched on the draft again, and since most fans always think that their team is going to get better with the arrival of newly drafted players (because who wants to think “That guys going to make us much, much worse!).. Hope springs eternal. So in honor of all the hopes now riding on the shoulders of those new draft picks we’ll go with Mr. Blue Sky.

Have a great weekend folks!

Draft Day!

Really, does any other league do the draft the way the NFL can? My esteemed co-blogger often opines that the NHL trade deadline is a Canadian Holiday. If it is, then the NFL draft is a 4 day weekend holiday.

Now, I know the NBA has done prime time drafts for a while as well – but no one comes close to the scope of the show the NFL puts on. The NHL draft? Forget it. Major league baseball? Too much like hockey. They’re both exciting for hard core fans and draftniks, but you’re mostly dealing with young kids you’ve never heard of unless you really need to get out more often. Add to that the bust rate on those young kids (generally somewhere around 18 years of age). You may hear a name (or read it) and then never see them on your team.Then… there’s the NFL.

Let’s start with one obvious advantage. College Football is huge in the United States. So especially with the high profile players, there is a level of familiarity already. Take this years top pick, Andrew Luck. He’s been a top college quarterback now for what, 2 or 3 years? Been on ESPN, in Sports Illustrated, etc., you get the picture. Then there’s the roster. If everyone from a full draft (7 picks or so), made a team (A highly unlikely scenario) you could possibly replace a good chunk of a team’s 53 man roster. So it’s possible for a team to get better (or worse!) in a hurry. Plus, with all of the coverage, it’s turned into a social event with people holding draft parties for crying out loud!

After all, you have two networks (ESPN and the NFL Network) providing live coverage plus live draft trackers online, radio coverage, not to mention people commenting on the draft on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

So this evening, plop yourself down on the couch, grab the beverage of your choice, order a pizza if you want and settle in for true saturation coverage. And know that your favorite team will get its 15 minutes of fame in the first round. Unless they trade the pick.

Have fun everyone!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Quick Fix edition

Howdy folks! If you’re reading this, it means we all made it to another Friday. (And thanks again to the King for filling in for me last week while I was off on another boondoggle) That has to count for something, right? Let’s get started with it, looks like it might be a bit of a busy day today….

  1. I heard there was some sort of wedding going on this morning, but I couldn’t find a single thing about it. Guess the NFL network doesn’t cover weddings.
  2. I can see why sports drafts like the NFL’s first round last night can be so appealing to people.
    • It’s always amazing to watch these generally smart, disciplined general managers freak out when an unexpected early pick blows up months of planning.
    • Then again,  the saying goes.. “It only takes one team to fall in love with a player”. Take the Vikings, QB’s were going off the board so the went out and grabbed one they liked.
    • And let’s be honest here. Despite all the “grades” you’ll see about drafts. They’re all a bunch of $h!t. After all, Matt Millen generally got really good grades for his drafts when he was running the Detroit Lions. You know, the only team that ever managed to go 0-16?
  3. It’s nothing compared to the tornadoes that ripped apart the south, but all the rain I’ve gotten at the house has me thinking I might need a machete instead of a lawn mower to cut the grass in the back yard at the rate it’s been growing this week. I know one thing that will be on the weekend to-do list for sure. Mow the lawn. Yep, spring must finally be getting here. Boo. More work.
  4. I don’t know if it’s an extension of the building problems we had yesterday here at the office, or if someone turned a 2 year old loose on the switch but the lights keep getting turned on and off here at the office. Waiting to see someone have a seizure here because of it. Lights go on, lights go off. Lights go on, lights go off. Lights go on, lights go off. Lights go on, lights go off. Lights go on, lights go off. You get the idea.
  5. Gotta get those picks written up for the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs later today. Make sure to stay tuned and check back for that. Since I’ve already proven to not be very good at picking, but hopefully my reasoning is silly enough to be entertaining.

Ok, that’s five quick thoughts for today. We’ll have the picks up shortly, too. In the meantime, what I’d RATHER be doing this weekend instead of mowing the lawn…

See you soon for the picks. Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I forgot the title” Edition

Good morning folks, and we’re again again with yet another edition of Five Thoughts. After we channeled spring fever last week, Old Man Winter decided to check in and make it perfectly clear that he’s not quite done with us just yet. We got a bunch of snow Sunday/Monday and even some more through the week, including this morning.  Well, Mr. Winter? I’ve STILL got spring fever! So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Does that make me a bit loony? Probably. That’s how I come up with these thoughts, after all!

  1. There’s actually very little loony about this one. If you’re into automobiles at all, this story from earlier in the week should strike you as pretty cool. It’s about the storage of the automobile collection of the Detroit Historical Museum. Make sure to check out the embedded video in the article, too.
  2. From the I have no idea where to file this one department….  “Say what?” “Please stop helping?” Neither seem appropriate or strong enough. What am I talking about? Well, a coach was asked about a player at the NFL scouting combine. And in an apparent attempt to compliment them (and no doubt trying to help raise their draft status) he came up with this quote
    “I mean, I slapped him on the ass out there one day and I’ve got a quarter horse in Tennessee that doesn’t have an ass on him like that. He’s just a physically gifted guy and a smart guy, and just a good, good person.”
    So, who should be more offended? The player? The quarter horse? I’ll just say this to the coach… Dude…. STOP HELPING!
  3. The space shuttle Discovery took of yesterday on it’s final flight. And the final flight of the entire shuttle program. Now, say what you want about it’s economics or if it’s worthwhile or anything like that. Just consider this one point though. The space shuttle program, despite it’s two major disasters, has made sending people into outer space seem routine. When in truth it’s anything but. Even today. There are still holding out on our flying cars and ray guns though. Do they think none of us remember The Jetsons?
  4. Listen. There’s dropping the ball, and then there’s “I put bacon on the menu on a flight from Israel to London” dropping the ball. I mean, I know most people love bacon, but sometimes you just gotta think. On the other hand, thanks for doing this and giving us another opportunity to talk about bacon. Now I’m hungry.
  5. We’re going to swing into social networking territory a little bit here. People seem to love to use these “cute” little quotes and such for things like their Facebook status and such. If all you do is copy and paste quotes of dead or famous people? You aren’t original, you aren’t witty. Your’e capable of copy and paste. You don’t get a cookie. Sorry. And the next time you see someone with one of those “Because of you I laugh a lot more” type quites? Maybe you should wonder… Is it because I make them happy? Or do you make someone laugh a lot more because they’re laughing at you? Hmm?

Ok, that’s five and it’s time to roll into another weekend. I admit I was sorely tempted to talk hockey today, but the trade deadline isn’t here yet, and there are still a few trades to make. After all, I don’t think the Senators have traded for every draft pick in the league just yet.

And to get you all thinking of warmer times and tropical drinks….

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Why aren’t I outside” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts.

As I sit here typing this up, I can’t help but marvel at the sentiment I used for this week’s “edition name”. When we first shuffled around the office, I thought it was great (And I got asked who I bribed, who’s you know what I kissed,etc.) to get a window view like I did. Now I’m sitting here, looking at sunny skies and green trees on an 85 degree day thinking…. This truly SUCKS. I should be out there, not in here! So please excuse me if my writing wanders (more than normal, that is) since my brain is off playing in the sunshine somewhere while I’m stuck here at my desk.  Anyways…. On to today’s five thoughts!

  1. Father’s Day was this past Sunday, and it found me in downtown Detroit at Comerica Park taking in the Tigers versus the Arizona Diamondbacks with my Dad. The weather was gorgeous, the beer was cold, the Tigers won on the strength of two 7th inning home runs (one of which may not yet have landed). A great time was had by all, and the added bonus? Hearing the Star Spangled banner played by Jeff Beck. Sometimes it’s good to be lucky when you score tickets.
  2. Tuesday was maintenance/patch day for World of Warcraft as they rolled out patch 3.3.5. I can’t even fathom how complex the coding for an MMO with that much content and 11 million subscribers must be. As things turn it, the downtime for installation had to be extended. I have to tell you, if you ever want a good laugh, read the customer service forums for Warcraft when that happens. You’d think some of these people were ready to jump off of a bridge! And gamers sometimes wonder why they get the reputations they do.  Reminds me of the Southpark Episode where they ask… “How do you kill that which has no life?
  3. So according to North Korea, the United States owes them nearly $65 trillion dollars. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Every time I try to read that article, I hear it in my head with the Dr. Evil voice from the Austin Powers movies.
  4. Changing gears completely here for a cool bit of maritime news. A 300 foot wooden ship was recently found at the bottom of Lake Michigan, almost perfectly preserved due to the depth it’s at. The L.R. Doty was recently found in the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan. While the article doesn’t give a lot of details about the location of the ship (probably to keep it safe), it does offer one clue. “Meanwhile, a Milwaukee fisherman in 1991 reported snagging his nets on an obstruction about 300 feet under water.” You read that right. 300 feet deep. In a lake. Folks, if you’ve never seen the great Lakes it’s hard to understand. They aren’t traditional lakes. They’re freshwater oceans for all intents. They’re massive. I’ll let one of the last lines of the article help explain it best. “Lake Michigan has about 500 dive-worthy ships still to be found, Baillod estimated.”
  5. Tonight is the NHL entry draft. I don’t get too excited about this because, well.. it isn’t the NFL draft (Or even the NBA). It’s more like the baseball draft. Most of these kids will go into the minor leagues never to be seen again. I’m not trying to be harsh here, it’s just the truth. Which is why I always laugh when I read some of these mock drafts. I realize the draft is one of those times when a fan’s hope “springs eternal”, but these things can be so sugar coated at times it’s sickening. To read some of the descriptions, you’d think all of these guys will be NHL regulars by next year. Sorry to rain on the parade folks. See that list of 30 names? Scratch about half of them out right now. They won’t pan out. That’s the reality of it all.

Ok folks, and that’s five for this week. And because of the tone I managed to strike with a couple of the posts…. let’s go with this one…. (NSFW laguage)

Have a Great Weekend Folks!

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Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “I feel a draft” edition

Friday is here once again, and so it’s time to cobble together five thoughts. You might have noticed the NFL draft started last night. If not, no biggie. It does lead to some interesting moments thought, and with that little observation we’re off and running into this week’s 5 things!

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with sports radio. I like being able to listen and get news and scores. I hate listening to some of the calls that come in to those shows. They’re painful to listen to. And in regards to a draft (especially in football), I’m convinced that some people will only be happy if their teams keep trading down until they own every pick in the draft’s last round. Of course, that wouldn’t make them happy either because they truly don’t seem to grasp one thing… EVENTUALLY YOU NEED TO PICK A PLAYER TO DRAFT!
  2. I’ll just file this one under “scary as heck“. There are still people unaccounted for, that stinks.
  3. While putting things under file headings… This one goes under HOLY CRAP!!! As if a headline reading Security camera in Ohio captures runaway saw blade isn’t enough to grab your attention. Make sure to check out the video.
  4. And….. this one goes under “What the…???” Seriously, the TSA needs to tell people that they shouldn’t being an automotive airbag (which is classified as an explosive device) onto an airplane??? Really? Sadly, I guess they do. So, were they carry on luggage or was it a checked (air)bag?
  5. This one is almost too easy. In fact, I debated not even using it but I just can’t pass it up though. Turns out that the SEC watches MORE than just stocks, bonds, and financial markets. It also watches PORN. Lots and lots of porn. On the taxpayer clock.  So it’s stocks, bonds, financial markets, and boobies! (Among other things, I’m sure). We’ll just go ahead and file this one too. Right under “We can’t make this stuff up”.

That’s five, and to keep with our draft theme we’re going to turn back to a football related video on the way out. No, it’s not draft specific but I think it’s a fun one. Years back, a local sports reported decided to film a segment with then Detroit Lion Chris Spielman. To say it didn’t “go as planned” for the reporter may be an understatement.

That’s all for now folks, have a great weekend!