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Five on a Thursday Night….Kik-kik-kyah! I love it! I love it!

So my fellow co-blogger has left me in charge for this week’s Five Thoughts on a Friday….silly rabbit.  You would think a man would know better after knowing me for around 20 years… oh well…

1.         Can someone, I mean anyone, help poor Randy Quaid out?  I mean, Randy, you are not on a movie set bro!  This is real life  There is no conspiracy to kill you and steal your money  in Hollywood.  I’m pretty sure, even if there was such a “murderous ring”,  it wouldn’t be led by accountants.  I mean, there is no current tax write-off under Obama for such a thing.

2.       Can someone explain to me the need for a comments section on news sites?  I can think of no more useless addition than adding a section for idiots to post their thoughts on recent events.  I mean the local paper post a story of a murder and the idiots come pouring out to state their “beliefs” of what happened.  People, it’s a news story…it’s facts…there is no need for any additional information.  And by the way, you are no WAY NEAR as funny as you think you are…just sayin’.

3.       CREEP CITY……

4.       What the heck happened to the New Jersey Devils??  They were at one time, the team to measure your team against.  They were the team, that everyone wanted to be like.  They were the team, you had to get through to prove you were someone in the playoffs.   The last three years, they’ve been beat in the first round and now they bench Kovalchuk.  This is the guy they basically gave up their future to keep.  Can you say, KABOOM!

5.       Finally, I see that the Dukes of Hazzard are back on CMT.   Thank goodness.   There is nothing better than laying down on the couch and relaxing to some good ole Duke boys.  Although, I’ve noticed one thing.  Roscoe sure reminds me a lot of a certain President we recently had in office.  Am I wrong?

That’s it folks!  Have yourselves a great weekend and a great Halloween!