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Five Thoughts on a Friday – “Seriously, enough already..”

Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks edition out, but my partner went out on a nice vacation and left me alone.  I then decided that I also needed to go on a trip as well.  Unfortunately, mine was not planned and involved unexpected surgery.  So I’m going to make this one a short one.

1. We’re all fans of the NHL here, but I have to say my patience is really starting to come to an end.  I understand how everyone needs to get their “fair” share of revenue as the NHL is still only a business, but do either the NHL or NHLPA really believe they can handle a 3rd lockout????  I think this video sums it all up:

2. I have to admit that I’m addicted to this series.  It truly is a show about nothing but it is really fun to watch. Make sure you check it out when you get the chance.

3. Speaking of interesting videos.

4. After watching that video, I thought back to when I was a little boy sitting on my parents shag orange carpeting watching our little tv for this tv series.
Man, I miss watching old school tv.

5. I’m a huge Noir fan. I love the old detective radio shows from the golden days of radio. I think this is why these items were really cool. I mean, even old time mug shots were cool! Check this out:

Sorry for the short post this week everyone, but I promise that my fellow writer will have plenty to tell you on his return.  As for me, I really wish my issue was only as simple as Sheldon’s issue.


Five thoughts on a Friday – And we’re off addition (or videopalooza addition with no Beer)

Ahhh..it’s finally here….The unofficial start of summer. Although being in the midwest, we’ve been having an earlier summer type year so far then we have had in the past. Not that I’m complaining, but I just know that at some point we’re going to pay for it. Speaking of paying for it, let’s get this party started, shall we?

5.  Now I’ll admit that I’ve played my fair share of video games.  In those games, I’ve had my fair share of zombie kills.  And for a while killing zombies was cool and fun, but I think these guys have taken it to the extreme!  I personally like the question by the one guy, “Can I bring my own weapons?”   I know my favorite weapon in those video games is the chain saw…hmm, can I bring this one?

4. With all the super hero movies coming out this year, the question always comes up..”why are there not any real super heroes?”  We did see an increase of people claiming to be super heroes in the past, with one of the most famous being Phoenix Jones.  My question has always been, okay..where are the villians?  Looks like they a coming out to play now:

3. I know that Hollywood has run out of ideas.  I think the movie Battleship proved it until  I just saw a trailer for a movie that will finally prove my point!

Just for the record.  I do know it’s fake….but are we really far off from this???

2.  Hmmm, I’m a fan of the Men in Black films, but I’m surprised they never did any cross promotions with the actual Men in Black organization.  Um, King…are you drunk already?  Nah, hell Dan Ankroyd believes in them!

1. Speaking of cross promotions, men in black and Dan Ankroyd…Rest in Peace “Donald Duck” Dunn.

Well everyone, have a great holiday weekend. Be safe, bar b que, grill, drink and enjoy!