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I can feel it in the air…

No, I’m not looking to go Phil Collins on anyone. Although if you want to, the video is right here.

No, I’m talking about the seasons changing. I was outside yesterday, the sun was shining, but it just FELT different. Fall is closing in fast. The kids are going back to school. The days have gotten shorter, the nights cooler, and the rosters trimmed to 53.

Wait… Beer, what the heck are you going on about?

Simple. With all due respect to Hank Williams Jr. There’s one song that I think sums up what’s about to happen. I couldn’t find a better video but the audio seemed decent on this version:

I’m talking about football! No, not what the USA calls soccer (although I do have a lot of respect for those guys as well). I’m talking about American NFL football. Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Ray Lewis football!

Now I know that this past Friday I said I’d be back on Tuesday, and though i was back in the office, there was no post. Part of that was laziness, and part of it was thinking about this post. You see, today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, is Thursday. And now that we’ve demonstrated that we know Thursday follows Wednesday we can ask why it matters. It matters because tomorrow night (that would be Thursday, remember?) the Vikings, led by the never retiring unless he finally decides to maybe retire Brett Farve head to the Superdome to take on the New Orleans Saints! That’s right folks. Football. Is. Here.

So grab a few beers or other preferred beverages, a bag of chips or other assorted snack, and cozy up to football season. After all, it’s gonna get cold for some of us soon. I can already feel it in the air.

Later folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday, the “I heard there was some sort of football game this weekend” edition

It’s Friday again folks, and that means it’s time for Five Thoughts. For the record, I believe this post now holds the title for longest “post title” on the blog.

  1. It seems Wayne Newton forgot where he left his plane. The folks at the Oakland County airport haven’t forgotten about it though, or the storage fees.  Hey, if you’re going to abandon an airplane – an airport might not be a bad place to do it. I mean, who’s going to notice one more plane right away… right? Danke schön there, Wayne.
  2. It’s amazing how disruptive little things can be in an office. Little things like the cleaning crew coming and shutting down the restrooms for cleaning at a different,  random time each day. C’mon! Pick a time and stick with it so we can schedule these things, ok? We live off of outlook calendars here. We don’t do well with random times!
  3. Been an awfully rough week for Toyota. Still, it was probably to be expected. After all, everyone loves to take a shot at the champ. Heck, even the US Secretary of Transportation got into the act for a bit, initially telling people not to drive their cars. Funny how they always say that stuff, then pull back a bit isn’t it?
  4. This could probably have been a post all on it’s own, but we’ll mention it here. This doesn’t apply to most workplaces, but if you work somewhere where a coworker might be filming a television segment (with you in the background) and you want a demonstration of what NOT to do… Watch the video in this story.
  5. And lastly, there’s the tiny little football game being played in Miami this weekend. The Beerbarrel’s prediction for the game? Our prediction is… pain.  No no, Just kidding. Our official prediction is that the first commercial after the opening kickoff will belong to Anheiser Busch. (Of course, having said that, watch it be Pepsi)

What, you didn’t think we actually had any insight on the actual GAME, did you?

We’ll close up with one of the great Superbowl ads of all time… “Nothing but net”

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday… The (Insert witty phrase here) Edition

Another Friday is upon us. And just in time, we have five thoughts queued up and ready to go!

  1. It’s going to be a weekend without football. Sorry, the Pro Bowl doesn’t count. Especially with it not being in Hawaii this year. I thought the whole reason of having the Pro Bowl was a thinly veiled excuse for going to Hawaii.
  2. It’s great that technology has made it so easy for people to try to help, even in the smallest of ways with a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti. Just texting “Haiti” to 90999 will let you donate $10. That’s great, and incredibly easy. What bothers me is all the promos that I see after it. “Standard Messaging and Data rates may apply”. Wait, so you’ll make it incredibly easy for someone to donate – but then the cell companies want their cut of a text who’s only purpose is to try to help people in need? Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and the rest of you – shame on you. Here’s an idea folks… Go to http://www.redcross.org/ and donate $10.25 directly. Give THEM the extra cash the phone companies are charging.
  3. There’s “striking when the iron is hot” and then there’s perfect timing. Sears hit it perfect this week with the continuation of their ad campaign with Brett Favre lampooning himself on his decision making. The Vikings lost (Thus immediately commencing the “will he be back?” discussion), and what comes out in the online advertisements? The “Not Sure, Ask Brett” campaign – with Brett Favre shaking a magic “4” ball, complete with answers like “I’m not sure”. At least the guy has a sense of humor about it!
  4. There’s something very unique about the thermodynamics of Pop-tarts. Somehow, you can put them into a toaster at (for example) 350 degrees for 30 seconds. Yet somehow, when they come out of that 350 degree toaster – they are now closer to 500 degrees. How do they do that?
  5. Last week, as a joke – I tagged the Five Thoughts post with “cleavage” and “bikini” after laughing at a discussion of Warcraft armor models. We got 2 extra hits, one on each tag. So much for using tags like that to drive up traffic.  I know what we can go with! “Boobies!”

Ok folks, that’s 5 and as promised…. BOOBIES!

Blue Footed Boobies, no less!
What, you were expecting something else?

Later folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – the Home Improvement Edition

No, sorry. We couldn’t get Tim Allen to write a guest spot for us this week. Probably had something to do with us not asking. The actual working title this week was “the Beer has no Kitchen right now” edition. Anyways, it’s Friday and that means it’s time to get to today’s five thoughts. So… Here we go!

  1. Drywall dust may well be the single most invasive thing on the planet. It gets everywhere. It even gets on stuff that’s covered.
  2. I find myself amused by the whole Conan O’Brien / Jay Leno / NBC thing, but that’s about it. I certainly don’t think it deserves anywhere near the coverage it’s getting. Probably has to do with the fact that I never watch any of the late night shows anymore. Something about having to be in to the office early…
  3. I can not for the life of me figure out why students at the University of Tennessee felt the need to riot when Lane Kiffin announced he was leaving to take the USC job. Based on his track record, I’d have figured the students at USC would have been doing the rioting.
  4. It’s been a fairly quiet week, I hate quiet weeks. Makes it hard to find good material. Those been a lot of coverage of the earthquake in Haiti, and rightfully so. There’s not anything funny to talk about in that situation though.
  5. Why is it that the guy in the office famous for saying “I’m not one to have meetings just for the sake of having them” is always the guy who schedules more meaningless meetings than anyone else?

Ok, that’s five and I’m staring down a 3 day weekend. Sometimes life doesn’t *totally* suck, after all.

And, just because I mentioned him earlier…

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – the Happy New Year edition

Shhh…. everyone is probably still sleeping, or can’t handle bright lights and/or loud noises right now. Heck, even this typing might be too loud for some. Still, it’s Friday and here are five thoughts to start the new year out with.

  1. It’s New Year’s Day. That means there are something like 837 different college bowl games on today. At least, it will seem that way. I like some of the bowl games earlier holiday season better though. Just for the names and the teams they get. Where else can you see a couple of community colleges square off in the “Joe and Fred’s Pizza and Rib Shack Bowl”. Still, the Beerbarrel’s best bet for today’s games? Penn State vs. LSU.
  2. Speaking of New Year’s Day and all the college football games. Why does the NHL think THIS is the day they need to have their Winter Classic? I mean, I love the concept and the novelty of having one outdoor game a year. But to have it on a day where you can virtually guarantee that half of your target audience is watching college football?  It just don’t add up. Which, I guess makes perfect sense where the NHL is concerned.
  3. If you listen very carefully this afternoon, you may start to hear some clanking and whirring type sounds in your neighborhood. No, this isn’t some type of robot invasion. It’s all your neighbors getting out the weights and treadmills. Resolution time is here! They’re all starting down that “This year, I’m going to exercise and stick with it!” road.
  4. Did anyone else notice the obscene amount of trash left in Times Square after the big celebration started breaking up? Sheesh! It would be best if people would pick up after themselves, obviously. Since they don’t though, maybe try NOT showing the garbage covered street (I’m serious, there were spots were you couldn’t see the pavement!) on national television if you want to promote the even in a positive light?
  5. It’s ok, you can say this last one is phoning it in if you’d like. We’re going with it anyways. The last item of the day is a very simple one the week. Happy New Year everyone. May 2010 be better for you than 2009.

Ok, that’s five! Now, I’ll take a cup of coffee please. I need to start thinking abut where to order the pizza from to watch the games today.