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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Frozen Four Edition

Good morning folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. Last night I found myself in downtown Detroit at Ford Field, attending the first 2 games of college hockey’s Frozen Four.  So as I emerge from my sleep deprived state this morning (The second game started at 8:41pm EDT), let’s get started with this week’s Five Thoughts.

  1. The number of people I saw wearing Michigan and Michigan State apparel at the Frozen Four was mind boggling, and I don’t mean that as a compliment folks. Neither of those teams is involved with the Frozen Four, so don’t give me that “I’m supporting my team” line, either. Their seasons are already over. A hat is fine. A jersey/jacket/hat combination makes you look like a fool. I can’t completely single out those two schools though, as Maine, North Dakota, Northern Michigan, and several others were there too. The kids wearing the jersey of their hockey team? That’s fine.
  2. OK, once more. For the record. I don’t care what Journey said in their song, there is no South Detroit. Check a map, you want south Detroit? It’s called Windsor, Ontario Canada.
  3. A purely personal observation from the Miami, OH / Boston College pregame. Sorry, but the BC eagle mascot beats the Miami, OH redhawk mascot. The eagle led his team out onto the ice on skates. He wins.
  4. There are few things worse in the office at the coffee station than “filter flop”. The filter flops over and half of the coffee ground end up in the coffee pot with the now nearly undrinkable coffee. We’ve had a rash of those here lately.
  5. Baseball is Back! Real, actual baseball. The season has started, and it always makes me wonder… How do those “Boys of Summer” like having to play in snow flurries for the first month or so? I mean, even the guys playing for teams down south have to go on the road at some point in April.

Ok, that’s five and I’m on my way to the weekend with a return trip to Ford Field on Saturday. Yes, we do love our hockey here at the Beerbarrel. Look for me in the cheap seats! (Where I took these)

Later folks!