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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Dead Fridge” Edition

Howdy folks,  and welcome back to another one of Beermaker’s crazy, silly, occasionally amusing, and always self-indulgent posts in the “Five Thoughts” series. What are we going to talk about on this gray, wet, and rainy Friday? Well… let’s find out!

  1. For starters… It’s the first day of fall. And.. The sky is falling!
    ” Satellite still on course for Friday re-entry; destination still unknown”
    Now, when I said it was raining I meant actual rain. You know, water. Not giant hunks of flaming satellite remnants! Then again, the satellite is only 6 1/2 tons and the size of a school bus so the odds of someone somewhere on earth are only pegged at 3200-1 by NASA. Those don’t seem like great odds, do they?
    And the destination unknown? That’s bothersome. Not only because of the uncertainty, but because it got this song stuck in my head!
  2. And in the “This is no shock” department.. Some people have no sense of humor. Apparently, a mom group has a problem with the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls
    Wait – women who DON’T like ice cream??????  Ok, cheap shot, I know. But how can you not get a laugh from this?
  3. I have to mention this next article, strictly based on the sheer amazement I felt in realizing the amount of work people are putting into redesigning… A Ketchup Packet!!
    Seriously… This was a problem? After over 40 years? The old ones stopped working or something?
  4. As has been fairly well documented by now, I was out traveling around last week. And I returned home to a dead refrigerator. Actually, it’s wasn’t completely dead. The power was still on and it was recirculating warm air instead of cold. Let’s just say I have a pretty good idea what a dead body would smell like now. And apologies to the trash guys who picked up that garbage can. They probably thought they had found Jimmy Hoffa. Nope, just spoiled beef and turkey.
  5. Fortunately, being a homebrewer generally leaves you with two things that make returning home from vacation to such a situation as I did far more bearable. Those being:
    -A Second, (and in this case – a Third) spare refrigerator.
    Amazing how something like a few cold brews can help out.

    (So much for another Alcohol Free edition, huh?)

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m out of here. I’m out of here to start in on my weekend. And as for the dearly departed fridge? You what the worst part was?
Not the lost food. Not the money the new one cost us. No, the worst part of coming home to a dead fridge? That Smell.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “That’s the Fact, Jack” edition

Folks, JR was gonna be back this week.  And if you want to see him you can go right here. The video embedding isn’t working though, so he’s on the back burner again for now. I’m not gonna answer the question he asked about missing him, either. I have to say one thing though, he was right that there were some real winners in the news this week.

  1. Congrats to the department of transportation for almost getting it right on there silly traffic slogan for the week. In what is becoming a running commentary here at the Beerbarrel, we found this weeks “Save lives, don’t text and drive” to be a marked improvement. Just two quick thoughts… You failed to mention that it’s also illegal to text and drive. Also, since you seem to be changing every week now, please don’t follow up the don’t text and drive with the got to our website for traffic info one! That would be… yeah.
  2. I was reading this story, and it just had that whole “I’m not getting thrown under the bus alone” vibe to it. So, is Virgin Atlantic telling the truth? Or is US Customs? I’m sure it’ll come out. And if you were one of the people on the plan.. you don’t care who’s to blame you’re probably just still ticked off!
  3. There are two really bad things about reading that the End of the Earth has been postponed from it’s date in 2012… One, it means that there are a bunch of plans I need to change for the next two years, and two… I have that R.E.M. song stuck in my head now!
  4. So the Vatican says that Homer Simpson is actually a Catholic. Now, as the King pointed out to me… “They’re worrying about this now… Why?”. But still, I gave it some thought and came up with some more mainstream/real world reasons than they did.
    Homer drinks a lot of beer. Just like a lot of Catholics I know. Nothing wrong with that. (See: Knights of Columbus)
    Homer is rarely, if ever, seen in a Catholic church. Check.
    Homer loves going to the all you can eat fish restaurant. Check.
    Homer thinks Sundays are for football. Check.
    Well..  let’s just stop there before we get ourselves into trouble.
    (Sounds like a lot of Catholics to me though)
  5. You know, there’s “really want to see the game bad”, and then there’s “use your military uniform and TWO M-16 ASSAULT RIFLES (unloaded) to bluff your way into the game bad“. Yes, Michigan/Michigan St. is a big rivalry game. yes they were both undefeated at the time. But really??  And nice to see security was really on the ball there. Yeah, I’m with the color guard. Yeah, that’s it. The color guard! And the guy in line behind you with the half barrel keg is with the beer vendors, right? Sheesh.

Ok, that’s five and we’re out of here. Let’s see what we can dig up for today to head out with….  Since we mentioned and linked to a music video earlier, how about this one in honor of the Mr. army football fan?

Have a great weekend folks!