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Five Thoughts on a Friday – “Seriously, enough already..”

Sorry for the delay in getting this weeks edition out, but my partner went out on a nice vacation and left me alone.  I then decided that I also needed to go on a trip as well.  Unfortunately, mine was not planned and involved unexpected surgery.  So I’m going to make this one a short one.

1. We’re all fans of the NHL here, but I have to say my patience is really starting to come to an end.  I understand how everyone needs to get their “fair” share of revenue as the NHL is still only a business, but do either the NHL or NHLPA really believe they can handle a 3rd lockout????  I think this video sums it all up:

2. I have to admit that I’m addicted to this series.  It truly is a show about nothing but it is really fun to watch. Make sure you check it out when you get the chance.

3. Speaking of interesting videos.

4. After watching that video, I thought back to when I was a little boy sitting on my parents shag orange carpeting watching our little tv for this tv series.
Man, I miss watching old school tv.

5. I’m a huge Noir fan. I love the old detective radio shows from the golden days of radio. I think this is why these items were really cool. I mean, even old time mug shots were cool! Check this out:

Sorry for the short post this week everyone, but I promise that my fellow writer will have plenty to tell you on his return.  As for me, I really wish my issue was only as simple as Sheldon’s issue.


Things we’ve learned on vacation….

It’s no secret that we’ve been in vacation mode here at the Beerbarrel for, well, almost our whole existence.  Every once in a while though, we do actually manage to slip out on a real vacation. With that thought in mind I figured it would be fun to round up some of the things that we’ve learned on our travels.

When on vacation, it’s always a good time for a frozen coke. Even if you have to fix the machine at the 7-11 yourself.

Keep your eyes open for the mini fridge in the middle of the freeway. It comes up kind of unexpectedly. Especially if it’s getting dark out.

Yes. Your car on the subway or train is rocking just as much as the one in front of you.

Seeing people going up the hill to the nude beach can be amusing. Until you see the guy who looks like later in life Jerry Garcia. Yeah, try getting that image out of your mind’s eye. (And sorry for putting there in the first place)

Food tastes better on vacation. It just does. Must be the relaxed setting, away from it all. And hey, what cheeseburger doesn’t taste better when you’re in Key West watching Elvis ride his bicycle down Duval street while wearing ruby slippers. (I am not making that up, I swear)

Sunburn on the backs of your legs, or especially the tops of your feet *really* hurts! (Yes, I know sunburns are bad for you. But these add insult to injury by really being unpleasant to deal with)

When at the buffet line… It’s always prudent to the the ice cream machine to turn pie into pie a la mode.

There are plenty more, but those are a couple of the sillier/more amusing that spring to mind at the moment. There are also a couple that are best just left unsaid. Except for this one…

When your entire dinner table tells you not to eat the pepper. You really *don’t* want to eat that pepper. It isn’t a dare. They’re trying to save you from yourself.

There you go folks! Hope you’re having a decent week. Did we miss any good ones? Just let us know if we did.

Take care!