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Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “Did he just… yeah, he did” Edition

Holy hot Friday Batman! Howdy folks, and hiya from the blistering heat of… the great white north???? You’d think we were living in the desert or something here lately, except for the humidity. Oh well, could be worse I guess. Let’s get a move on, shall we?

  1. Since a good chunk of the country has been experiencing the same heat we had, I figured we’d get a celebrity to come in and talk about it. And since that didn’t work, I found a clip on youtube. So, just how hot is it?
  2. On the gaming front, I think this line sums it up nicely from an article yesterday on CNET.
    “A slight disturbance in the Force was felt this morning after BioWare, LucasArts, and EA announced that Jedi and Sith everywhere can now preorder Star Wars: The Old Republic for a limited time.”
    I’m undecided on the pre-ordering. Heck, the game is still in the beta. I’m pretty sure you WILL find me logging in once it goes live though. Even if it’s just to have a look around at it. Of course, it isn’t ALL great news on SWTOR front. It appears some people aren’t thrilled with the plan for a limited launch. Me, I’ll admit to not thinking too much about it. Of course, talking about Star Wars gives me an excuse to use this, too. And any excuse to use this one is always welcome. Go for papa Palpatine!

    Heck, since we’re on a Star Wars kick, let’s throw in one more!
  3. Like a lot of other people. I’m fascinated by Shark Week. And it starts July 31st. Apparently, nobody told the sharks though. They seem to have started early.
    Last week there was a report of an 18 foot Great White in Massachusetts. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that movie before. But then today, I find another article about sharks. Now, I’ve always thought those folks in South Africa who go out to watch the flying great white sharks in boats smaller than the sharks were crazy, idiots, insane, well… you get the picture. Why did I think that? THIS, This is why I thought that. The damned shark LANDED ON THE BOAT.
    Chief Brodie, what do you think of all this?
  4. Of course, not to be out done. Some dogs have gotten in on the action in the land down under. A dog was swimming around and actually bit a shark! Yes, you read that correctly. It doesn’t say the dog was bitten by a shark, it says the dog bit the shark. That’s right, Fido was doing the biting.
  5. My my my, we’re killing the bandwidth with the videos today, aren’t we? So let’s keep it up. They say you’re not supposed to cry over spilled milk, right? Well, how about One Million Dollars worth spilled wine? Cry? I’d probably be screaming bloody murder. Again, it was worth One. Million. Dollars.

Ok, that’s five and we’re off to see the lizard.. no, wait.. that was yesterday. Some friends (not me) went to see Jimmy Buffet. He was definitely the king of somewhere hot last night. Me, I stayed in and tried to stay cool. So, let’s head on into the weekend. And although I know my co-blogger will probably start doing his “Hulk Smash” routine when he sees I used it, I have to close out with this one. It’s just too easy.

Have a great (and cool) weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “It isn’t tax day!” edition

Happy Friday everyone!

Yep, you read that title correctly. Today is April 15th, 2011 here in the U.S. and that means, it isn’t tax day! What’s that? No, I’m not smoking anything. It’s actually true. Today is not tax day. Read on to find out later in the article.

  1. I’ll start with this one today. As you can see from our last post, we’re in full NHL playoff mode around here this week. And you can truly tell the it’s playoff time when you notice things like this….
    Last night, I was going over the game preview for the Montreal/Boston game. And on the injury report for Montreal is this entry:
    MTL: Max Pacioretty (Lower Body)
    Yeah. THAT Max Pacioretty. The guy that got destroyed by Zdeno Chara. So let me get this right… he got run into a dasher head first, and injured his lower body?

    Yeah…. that looks like a lower body injury to me. I’d have listed it like this:
    MTL: Max Pacioretty (Do we REALLY need to even mention it?)
  2. Okay, now with that out of the way…  On to the silly (Although thinking ANYONE believes “Lower Body Injury” is pretty silly, if you ask me). Such as this random thought from Beermaker’s Brain:
    “Hearing Jimmy Buffet cover Jimi Hendrix is just weird” I mean, Jimmy Buffet’s live version of “The Wind Calls Mary” works, and it’s cool, but hearing a guy famous for playing mellow gulf type music doing a song by a guy famous for a screaming electric guitar? Things I just never would have figured.
  3. So let me get this straight…. China is banning time travel shows, among other things, on television in that country…. but 3-d porn is apparently okay.  (And yes, I know Hong Kong is a bit different from mainland China. I’m going for a joke here. Work with me people.)
  4. I was going to put something here about surprise that two longtime soap operas were being canceled (and I guess I sort of just did), but I don’t watch those so it doesn’t really impact me much. Besides, I want to tell a little story from a walk at lunchtime the other day.  Because when else do you get to type what I’m about to?
    I was walking by the pond at our office up here and there were a few geese. One goose, being aggressive/defending it’s territory/whatever sort of went after another goose. And that’s when it happened…
    I saw a goose goose another goose.
    And never in my life did I think I’d get to write a sentence like that!
  5. And finally… Today is April 15th, traditionally “Tax Day” (The day your tax return to the U.S. government needs to be postmarked by). Due a hitch in policy and the calendar, this year the deadline to file is April 18th.  So this year, April 18th brings just one more reason to hate Mondays. Your taxes are due.

Ok folks, that’s five and I’m off to finish off some things here at the office before I venture off into the weekend and mid-life crisis land! And be sure to check back next week, when Kingkielbasa will be filling in with his second annual Good Friday edition (which will probably be posted Thursday night).

Have a great weekend!