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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Pre-Paddy” Edition

Top O’ the morning to ya! Yeah, I’m letting myself off easy this morning. It’s the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day so I figured we’d try to have a little fun. I even did this post in GREEN!! So, let’s see what’s what in the world this week shall we?

  1. From the “They must REALLY want to go out of business” department….
    News broke late on Wednesday that Carnival Cruise Lines had another ship experience problems while docked. The toilets were overflowing. This after one of their ships broke down at sea. Now comes word this morning that ANOTHER ship had to turn around and head back to Tampa, FL due to engine problems. Once again… I don’t think the Skipper is happy with Gilligan.
  2. With Sunday fast approaching, we’re getting a lot of articles with suggestions on what to drink (Beyond just green beer, and no – I didn’t brew any green beer for this holiday). So as a public service, here’s one of said lists. Please note, none of these whiskeys or beers is green, although some can be made green if you so desire thanks to the magic of food coloring). Just um, remember… what goes in… must come out. One way or another.
  3. We live in a world that can be amazing at times. The gadgets that we take for granted today were the stuff of science fiction as little as 30 years ago in some cases. But technology is so prevalent in our world today that we’ve found a new way to be amazed. And that’s by realizing how amazingly stupid some people can be. Including people who steal an iPad (That has a name and contact info etched into the back of it) don’t realize they’re streaming their Instagram pictures to the former owner. And likely, the authorities. Our buddy Red probably knows how to best describe this.

  4. The running joke here in town on Wednesday…. Who had the better day, the Lions or the Cardinals? The Lions, they signed several NFL free agents, including Reggie Bush. The Cardinals? They elected a new pope! (You thought it was going to be an NFL comparison, didn’t you?) In all honesty, I think both groups need to hope for divine help. 
  5. And lastly, with all the Irish themed talk taking place this weekend comes this story. Sometimes, when people get on a good run of luck, it’s attributed to the “Luck of the Irish”. And sometimes, when you’re making off with $32M from an Australian casino, it’s the luck of… Hacking the security cameras to cheat. Can anyone verify where Brad Pitt and George Clooney have been lately? They haven’t been to Australia have they?

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m off to enjoy a weekend of drinking green beer, and eating corned beef! happy St. Patrick’s Day! In the meantime, let’s go with something a little different. From Chicago, home to a green river and a huge parade this time of year, comes Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.

Have a great weekend folks!


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Deep Fried Turkey” edition

Howdy folks!

Ripping through another week, we’ve arrived at Friday once again. Now, I don’t want to brag, but after today deal old Beermaker only has one more full workweek left before a much anticipated holiday break. Feel free to hate.

As a side note, I’m toying with the possibility of some alternate  posting schedules for the rest of the year. So don’t be surprised if things get shuffled a little bit. Anyways… let’s get started, shall we?

  1. The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special was on last night. And the Christmas sugar cookies have made their annual appearance here at the office. I swear, those little things are every bit as addictive as crack. Screw the potato chips, try eating just one of those damned cookies. Heck, you crave more before you even have the first one!
  2. I’m not going to justify what the person did as right, legal, or anything… but really now ladies… If you’re at a bar, and someone is offering to give you a breast exam for free, how exactly does that NOT come across as some sort of come on or something? Even if the other person *is* (or in this case, at least claims to be) a woman? Seriously now!
  3. Yesterday was the IPO for the all new GM (General Motors) stock. If you somehow got in at the actual IPO price  of $33.oo you did ok. If you got in at the price at the opening bell ($35.20) I hope you got out sometime before 11:30 am EST or so. At 4pm the stock closed at $34.19 a share. $1.01 below it’s price at the opening bell. Ah the auto industry. The more things change…..
    (More info here at autoblog.com)
  4. I generally read, but don’t post a lot of political news (unless it’s something worth mocking. Which most political stories qualify in some shape or form). This story stands on it’s own merits though. Why? Because it isn’t even political. It’s about Slurpees. And what *isn’t* good about a Slurpee, huh? Ok, besides the brain freeze, that is.
  5. Since this is the last “Five Thoughts” before Thanksgiving here in the states, I’m gonna use #5 today to wish everyone a very happy turkey day, and all that goes along with it. May your turkey dinner (or any substitute) turn out perfectly, may there be no rain on your Thanksgiving Day parade, and may your football team win it’s game (but if you’re trying to root for the Lions… you need help). Oh, and one word of warning… if the turkey is frozen…  DON’T put it in the deep fryer. Bad things will happen. Don’t believe me?

Ok, that’s five and I’m out of here. Since we led off by mentioning them… we’ll close out today with… The Peanuts!

Have a great weekend!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The back to normal edition

Well, as normal as we ever get around here, anyways.

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Friday. You’ll notice JR isn’t leading this one off this week. No, we haven’t gotten rid of him. Based on some of the feedback we’ve gotten, he’ll be sticking around. Just need to work out what his role will be exactly. Plus he can be a real diva to work with.

Anyways… On with the topic at hand!

  1. This is almost bordering on becoming a weekly topic of it’s own. Our fine friends at the state department of transportation are at it again. Warning drivers this week that “Fall is here. Don’t veer for Deer.” I’m not making this crap up. I really wish I was. Note to state employees. This is Michigan. We have lots of deer in this state. And they happen to live here YEAR ROUND. They don’t just move in in the fall.
  2. No we didn’t talk about hockey last week. No we didn’t forget it was starting. Being based in southeastern Michigan though, everyone knows the real hockey season starts somewhere after the first of the year. Everything before that is just warm ups.
  3. All you fitness conscious folks?You’d best look away for a moment, because this seems like a wonderful idea to me! A week devoted to Bacon! (Link is to a PDF version of the menu for the week). A bacon martini, maple bacon ice cream,  bacon on a stick, and pork wrapped in bacon are just a few of the selections. I think I gained 5 pounds just writing that.
  4. Jumping back to sports for a moment here. Going into this week’s NFL contests, will anyone who honestly thought the Detroit Lions would have the same number of wins (One) at this point of the season as the the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys please raise your hand. Anyone? Yeah, me neither. Looks like the magic may have finally run out for old St. Brett.
  5. Lastly, and speaking of Saints….. 70 days till old St. Nick heads out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you folks!  Perhaps even more urgently though… Do you have any Halloween candy yet? You have a little over 2 weeks (16 days as of this writing). Which is also plenty of time to dig up a Vincent Price laugh recording to scare all the wannabe vampires, too.

Here – just queue this up on a loop on Halloween. Instant spooky soundtrack. Let’s see one of those little sparkly suckers sound like this….

Okay folks. That’s five and we’re out of here. Have a great weekend!