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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The back home edition

Howdy folks, Beer’s back from yet another boondoggle. Once again I have crossed international borders and managed to return without causing an incident. Plus, I forced my usually silent co-blogger to post last week’s column. Even if he did (as expected) do it Thursday night.  So, let’s get started on this week’s post. No JR this week, I haven’t had time to write up a script for it. We’ll have him back soon though.

  1. I want to touch on a subject we’ve discussed before real quick. Those “Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign.” bumper stickers. I understand them in the context of the US economy, even if I do think they’re slightly misguided. But what happens when you’re traveling in a foreign country and you see one on one of the vehicles there? It’s an AMERICAN company making the vehicle. You aren’t in America. Therefore… it’s a foreign vehicle, no? Maybe they want people out of their jobs or something. I don’t know.
  2. While we’re on the subject of traveling, here’s another one…. In the towns with the “touristy” area’s that have all the shops and everything…. They always have at least one store that sells all kinds of luggage. To the tourists. Who are on vacation. Which means… they already *have* luggage. Really, who gets to where their going on vacation and thinks “Damn, I’m on vacation, I really gotta get luggage before I go home!”. I guess if an airline lost or destroyed yours you’d be in the market. That’s an awfully small demographic though.
  3. One last travel note. Again in a high traffic pedestrian area. As we’re walking down the sidewalk there’s a guy in front of a psychic shop peddling “psychic readings” or some such stuff (I admit, I had him mostly tuned out). It made me wonder though, as I saw him asking everyone who walked by… if he’s so psychic, doesn’t he know who’s going to agree to come in when they walk by? Why ask the ones you know are going to say no?
  4. Wow, this far in and I’m finally getting around to the elections that were held in the states on Tuesday. We made a decision to pretty much steer clear of politics here at the Beerbarrel, except for one thing… We’ll make fun of anyone. Personally, after this past round of elections I’m considering running for office in the next round of elections. I figure if I campaign on getting automated “vote for so and so” phone calls outlawed, I’ll be a shoe-in. Seriously, has there ever been *anyone* who sat there going “I wasn’t sure who to vote for until I got that automated recording phone call”. Yeah, you’re right. There probably is someone.
  5. Shifting out of the commentary heavy mode I seem to be in today… let’s ask about one part of the Quantas airliner emergency landing that I haven’t seen brought up in the media. Of sure, they covered the engine blowing out, the landing, the “Quantas has never had a fatal crash” angle and all that. This morning I even see the Quantas CEO pointing the finger at the engine design as a possible cause. Here’s what I want to know though… How many seats on that plane are going to be replaced? Because you know damned well that at least one or two people soiled themselves, and their seats when that engine let go. Like Bill Cosby said… “First you say it, then you do it!”

Ok, that’s five and I’m rolling out for the weekend. No road trip this weekend though. More like leaf raking and working around the house. Have to play catch up sometime I guess.

And while I don’t want to close on a sad note… RIP George “Sparky” Anderson. Former manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers.

And now, as we all get back to milling around in our lives. I’m pretty sure at least one of our readers will like this one.

Have a great weekend folks!