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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Mad, Mad Weekend” Edition

Howdy folks and welcome to another Friday. We made it. And now as a reward, we get to head into one of the craziest weekends we’ve seen in a while. There’s so much going on I’m not even sure where to start or what to talk about this week (St. Patrick’s Day coming up, NFL Free agency, and this tiny little basketball tournament is kicking off). I certainly never settled on any semblance of a theme for this week’s post. Let’s see where we land, shall we?

  1. I’m gonna take a quick detour and start with this one. Last night there was some pretty nasty weather that hit just west of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Thankfully there were no fatalities. Why do I bring it up? Because from time to time, I like to make fun of some of the idiotic headlines I see in the news. This is one of those times. Apparently CNN still hasn’t gotten the memo about what happened. There’s front page today has a link to a story that says, I kid you not…
    “Apparent tornado hits Mich. homes”
    Really? “Apparent”? Yes CNN, “Apparently” it was a tornado. And this is what an “Apparent” tornado looks like. Wasn’t hard to find it. The language is a bit crude, you may want to mute it if you’re in an office.  More info on the storm here at the Detroit Free Press.
  2. Going to put this one here for now, because it’s cool looking and fun, and it seems to remind everyone of the Batmobile. I do share one common question with a lot of people though. How does it handle with the front wheels so close together? From the in car video, it seems to do okay.
  3. Get your green on! St. Patrick’s day is coming up tomorrow. Now, a few words of warning… If you’re planning on partying all day, be careful on what you drink. Think about it. If the drink you have in your hand is named for something meant to do great bodily harm, what do you think the drink is supposed to do? And yes, I’m looking at you Irish Car Bomb. And remember, you’re supposed to WEAR green. Not LOOK GREEN at the end of the night. The next morning? Well, that’s a personal choice.
  4. I always figured the term “March Madness” was born of the hype and excitement of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.
    Then one of those stories that you just can’t make up comes along, like this one from USA Today.
    Vasectomies up during NCAA basketball tournament
    And… suddenly, “Madness” has a new meaning behind it!
  5. Lastly, spring is coming. Or in some cases already here. Beach season is fast approaching. Why do I bring this up? Because….
    “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”
    It seems, to quote the byline for the article “a report that suggests global warming is sparking an uptick in shark mating
    If that’s true, then at some point… “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT9BeGNnCqw”

    (Sorry, but there’s no way I’m doing a shark story without busting out that clip)

Okay folks, that’s five and I am off to get a green shirt, some green food coloring, and… oh yeah, green beer! Now I know there’s going to be a lot of invoking of “luck” this weekend. Luck of the Irish, Luck of the draw, teams in the NFL with free agency, and especially teams and fans in the NCAA tournament looking for luck.  so I figured I’d work on something “luck” based to close things out.
I came up with Paul McCartney doing “With a Little Luck

and then I found Loverboy doing “Lucky Ones

but that still didn’t seem to get the vibe I was going for. Then it hit me. Go for Old Blue Eyes. Luck, be a Lady.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Stale Green Beer Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to the latest installment of Five Thoughts. As you may be aware, today is the day after St. Patrick’s Day. What you may not be aware of is that today is also a little known holy day/holiday/day of observance. Yep. Today is the “Feast of the Holy Hangover”. I do my best not to celebrate, or even observe it though. Anyways… Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. I’m just going to lead right in with this one. And as my co-blogger put it “I don’t even have to read it. Every year, same thing”. And he’s right. But there is stupid as can be, and then there is “Hey! It’s been warm for a week, and today it’s 65 degrees! Let’s go ice fishing!” off the chart stupid. Yes. You read that right. Yesterday in southeastern Michigan, it was 65 degrees. And people were out on the ice. Naturally, the coast guard had to go get them.
  2. Okay… how on earth do you transition away from that type of stupidity? How about with some sarcasm? I’m pretty much sarcastic and cynical by nature these days, so when I saw a post on Autoblog Green with this title “Study: $5/gallon gas could overload public transit system in U.S.” my immediate reaction and thought was “WHAT PUBLIC TRANSIT?” Yes, I know. Then I read the article, and despite the headline, it seems the author might be slightly of the same mindset, considering the last line in the article. “Saving money by switching from personal to public transportation is a good idea – but only if there’s an available ride.”  Yeah, I would agree with that.
  3. You know, there are some days when the writer’s block really kicks in. That would be today… and on top of it all, the usual places I tend to draw ideas and stories from seem to have dried up as well. Still, every once in a while you do find a little gem here or there. Like this one from USA Today “Politicians: Think before you click ‘tweet’“. Folks, two things… That would really apply to anyone, not just a politician. And second… Politicians: If you’re just now trying to figure out new age social media like twitter? You are way behind the curve there folks. Better hire some teenagers to get you up to speed. Just um… Don’t let them tell what what to tweet, just explain how it works. And no tweeting from the crapper!
  4. Had to laugh at the person on the radio this past Monday. Having just switched to daylight savings time Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, This guy was going own about setting the clocks back. And he was going on about it every time he gave out the time. This tells me a few things.. There must not have been anyone else in the studio listening, because nobody stuck their head in the door to correct him (or maybe they were just letting him be an idiot on the air on purpose), and second – he probably gets his time from a smartphone that automatically updated itself. Remember people… Spring forward, Fall back. This Sunday will be the first official day of spring, so the clocks all went forward. Not back. Sorry dude.
  5. Speaking of spring, I heard a rumor recently that there was some little college basketball thing starting up? Some sort of tournament or something? has anyone heard anything about it. I can’t seem to find any news about it anywhere.

Alrighty folks, that’s five and I’m… What’s that? Yes. That last post was a joke. Of course I know about the NCAA tournament. You think I live under a rock or something?

Ok, now I’m out of here. Have a great weekend folks!

What? You thought you were getting out without some crazy Beermaker picked video? Not a chance! This one should really blow your mind.

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Donuts and Coffee edition

Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. We’re in a bit of a chipper mood this morning, let’s see how long it manages to last.

  1. We were treated to coffee and donuts at work this morning. That’s good. It’s going to ruin the coffee drinking for the rest of the day. That’s bad. How, you may ask? It’s simple really. Even though it’s only Dunkin Donuts coffee, it’s orders of magnitude better than the crap here at the office. Trying to downshift back to that will be near impossible.
  2. I’ve been asked in passing why we don’t seem to comment much (if at all) about some of the celebrity scandals like Tiger Woods and the as of yesterday Sandra Bullock/Jesse James mess. Well, I look at it like this… First, there are about 80,000 other blogs already doing it. And, for the most part I just don’t think it’s funny. I also don’t think it’s news, or even worth the words I’ve wasted on it here in this post. So there we have it. That being said some of the jokes that do come of it make me laugh. Especially when the canned “Professional” denials and apologies start. Does anyone really ever believe any of that crap?
  3. Ok, with the all of the above being said…. This is just too easy to pass up. Pot, meet kettle:
    (Link to the article I got this from)
    James, whose real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels, said she met Woods when she was working at a Las Vegas nightclub he frequented. She said he led her to believe she was the only woman in his life other than his wife.
    “If I would have known everything that was going on, and wasn’t being lied to, I would have done things differently,” she said.

    So… you were okay with a married man cheating on his wife with you, but you feel wronged that he was cheating on his wife AND you with yet even more women? Please. Some people would call what you’re experiencing karma. Deal with it.

  4. Time to rip on the NHL some more again. My co-blogger and I are hockey fans, have been for years and years. Here’s one of the problems that the NHL needs to address… When 2 long time fans have this type of conversation:
    Beermaker: Wow, 8 game suspension for Wisniewski for his hit on Seabrook
    I tell you what, I can’t figure out the NHL and their “rules”

    Note to the NHL. When guys who were fans when people like Steve Yzerman, Ray Bourque, and Denis Savard were getting drafted are saying this, you have a problem.
  5. Now, you didn’t think I’d post today without some mention of the madness starting, did you? It’s just a teeny, tiny little basketball tournament. Although from the sounds of it, the brackets of half of my coworkers got blown up last night. Still, games kick back off at noon – everyone ready?

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready for the weekend. Besides it’s time to…. well, here..

Later Folks!

PS – They’re probably too busy to read this but congratulations to Bre and Luis on the arrival of AJ!

Happy St. Pat’s!

Yep, it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember, if you drink – be smart and get a ride home. It isn’t worth it.  Other than that knock yourself out, drink all the green beer you want and have a blast. In that way, St. Patrick’s day is like Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. You go out to drink and party before tomorrow’s religious holiday. The Feast of the Holy Hangover. (A holiday usually observed in bathrooms and on living room couches. Accompanied by something for headaches and upset stomachs)

We’re being overly festive here at the office right now – Green Rice Crispy treats have made an appearance. You know, Rice Crispies look disturbingly like snots when they’re colored green. They really do. Tasty though.

And remember, a tiny little basketball tournament also starts soon – so you might as well just call the rest of the week off right now.

So have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you back here soon.

Later Folks!

Oh look! Videos are back! We could have gone with some traditional Irish Music, but we went with this instead. They’re FROM Ireland. And given the choice between “old dude singing Irish Music – or doing Riverdance” and this, well…. THIS.