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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “May the Fourth” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. before we get going, let’s touch on the title of today’s post. In other words… Happy Star Wars Day. Don’t get it? Here’s a clue… say the part of the title that’s in quotes. Still no? Okay, say it again then listen to this.

Okay, now that we  have that out of the way (Hey, I’m just the messenger here folks) let’s see what we can cover today…

  1. We’ve got one heck of a mixed bag assembled this week. Wait… did I just say “Assemble”. You know, there’s a tiny little movie opening in the States this weekend after a big opening overseas. And it uses the word assemble. It also uses two of my co-blogger’s favorite words. In fact when paired together, I think it may well be his favorite two word combination. What are they? Hulk, and Smash. As in.. “Hulk? Smash.” Might need to go see this one.
  2. I’ll leave it for you to decide. Cool, creepy, ego-maniacal, or just someone having some fun because they can. And which picture is more disturbing, the ice in the glass, or the stretched out photo on the side with the person holding the ice cube in the tongs? Yes, we’re talking about ice cubes. Made to look like Sir Richard Branson.
  3. So, imagine you’re walking along the beach. Just sort making note of all the stuff that you’re finding washed up. All the normal stuff, you know… Seashell, dead fish, oh, there’s a tiny little crab running around, rocks, seaweed, Harley Davidson, wait…. what was that last one? That’s right. Harley Davidson. Washed clear across the Pacific ocean from Japan. The things our planet can do at times.
  4. Staying on/in the water for a moment… If you’ve ever needed a bigger boat.. This is probably not the auction for you. The U.S. Navy is auctioning off it’s stealth ship. Now, before you start making plans to import large amounts of Cuban rum and cigars into the Florida Keys…. The ship will be disassembled. Boo. Well, maybe the market for the scrap metal will be more than the winning bid.
  5. And for our fifth item today, let’s talk about something for Cinqo de Mayo. I’d like to make a small suggestion on this busy, busy day. You see, it’s not only Cinqo de Mayo (aka any excuse to throw a party, right?). It’s also the 1st Saturday of may. Which means two things. It’s National Homebrew Day. That’s right. A day dedicate to making your own beer. Pretty spiffy if you ask me. The other event? The Kentucky Derby. The most famous horse race in the world. So, my suggestion? In the middle of all the revelry for Cinqo de Mayo and Big brew… take a few moments out around post time for the Derby (6:24pm EDT) and have yourself an All-American drink on Cinqo de Mayo. Have a Mint Julep. Then go right back to your beer, tequila, and tacos. Have fun, but be safe!

Okay folks, that’s Five on the fourth and I am done for the week. So let’s head out into what should be a pretty good party weekend with something a bit more contemporary than what we’ve been using lately. And since it is Star Wars Day, I thought this would fit absolutely perfectly.

Have a great weekend folks! May the Fourth be with you!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Make it up as we go along” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Five Thoughts. As usual, we’re in a rush to get to the weekend. Why? Because… It’s the weekend! Doesn’t that say enough in and of itself?

So, where does our random little trek take us this week? Well, this week we’re aiming for a mix of comedy, stupidity, and we’re even going to throw in the odd “feel good” story.

So what’s bouncing around in the brain this week? Let’s find out.

  1. Somehow, calling it a “cannonball” pales in comparison to calling it “Ass Bombing“. With a name like that, all I’ll say is… It could have been worse. MUCH worse.
  2. This guy wasn’t real bright. Than again, he’s lucky he didn’t end up very bright. At for one brief, sparking and sizzling moment.
  3. Thought Three… Does there have to be a Thought Three? Since it’s going to be hard to get to four and five with out one, I guess there does. To that end, we wanted to make sure it was a fun one. Can’t top this:
    SMUT IS GOOD FOR YOU! Draw your own conclusions on that one.
  4. I have no real issue with this story. I do have a question though. That being “What kind of damned snakes require a .380 Ruger with laser sights and hollow tip bullets? Did the the snakes start wearing flak jackets down there or something?” Ok, that may actually be two questions. Still… Is the Governor getting gun advice from Dirty Harry?
  5. Going to go with a feel good story here. This guy deserves credit where it’s due. Brooks Laich stopped to help some stranded fans after his team was eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Nice move.

That’s five and we’re out of here. After all, that lawn isn’t going to mow itself. And you can’t have the post “mow the lawn” beer until the lawn is mowed.

And one last quick note… Saturday is Derby Day! So get your Mint Juleps and get ready for the race! Everyone should recognize this tune:

Have a great weekend folks!