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Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “Oh, you haven’t heard?” edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Friday of fall for us here at The Beerbarrel. true to my word, I kept some notes this week in order to keep from having to write this post up on the fly again this week. Of course, does that mean that I also had time to crank out any other posts this week? Um… nope. Still, on we go into this weeks five thoughts? Ready?

  1. Speaking of flying…. I’m pretty sure that they have checklists to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen when you land. I’m also pretty sure somewhere on that checklist is “MAKE SURE THE PARKING BRAKE ISN’T ON WHEN YOU”RE TRYING TO LAND”, or something to that effect. And remember folks, as I told a friend who was getting ready to fly for the first time recently… All take offs are optional, all landings are mandatory. Think about it for a minute…
  2. Wind, religion, and… ruffled feathers. See, this is why we stay away from some subjects. You just had to know putting out a story about how “Wind may have parted the Red Sea for Moses” was going to ruffle feathers. That being said… the fact that they actually created a model where they can do it is pretty darned cool.
  3. You know what else flies? Time. As I write this on the second official full day of Fall (September 24th if you’re checking the calendar), there are 92 shopping days left until Christmas (Don’t believe me? Go here!). Just so we can avoid some of the terrified looks from last year when I was shopping. Don’t want it to sneak up unannounced on anyone this year.
  4. You can go through all of your journalism schooling, and all of your journalism career and never have to expect to write the headline “Man, Parrot scuffle on Ann Arbor street“. That’s exactly what someone at channel 4 in Detroit had to do recently. So much for those expectations, huh?
  5. When I saw this one, I thought it was a followup to the parrot fight story, and that the police had charged the parrot!  Parrot Behind Bars. Turns out it was a different parrot.  Still back in it’s cage though. Sounds like exactly the type of bird the kid in the e-trade commercial needed when his tablet computer gets taken away from him.

There you go folks! That’s five and we’re ready to take wing and get on out of here? Take Wing, get it? It’s a joke! You know, think Foghorn Leghorn. No? Ok. Well, since we were rather avian based this week, I guess it’s only right to close with this one. As we said in the post title… “Oh, you haven’t heard?” I thought everyone had heard..

Have a great weekend folks!