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I don’t care who you are..that’s funny

My fellow co-blogger and I have been on the bandwagon lately complaining about the lack of new ideas out of Hollywood.  I know, it’s nothing new and has been discussed over and over again; however, I have kinda changed my mind lately.  I hate to say it, but I think the best, most innovative ideas have been coming from the animated side of movie making.  I mean, Pixar is just beyond amazing…can those guys not take any topic and make it entertaining??  I mean, the Incredibles was just a cool story and Up!…how do you think that stuff up!!??  Anyway, the reason I bring this topic up is that I was cruising some movie trailer sites and watched the movie trailer for A-Team (by the way, if I don’t see that famous camera angle of guys flying through the air, I’m out of there!!).  I stumbled on the trailer for Despicable Me.  I’m sorry, but I know I’m going to prove my level of smarts when I say it cracked me up. I know I’m a simple man, but hell, that’s just who I am…anyway…enjoy!