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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Talking Hockey” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Five Thoughts. Due to Beer stayng up to watch the Wings/Sharks last night, I’m running a bit behind today and I’m pressed for time. So today’s post is going to include a quick wrap up of our second round picks, and then we’ll try to get to some silly stuff. See, I really do write this stuff on a Friday!

  1. It’s on the the conference finals for the NHL playoffs now. In the West you have Vancouver and San Jose and in the East it’s Boston and Tampa Bay. We’ll get to the writeup for the picks later tonight or tomorrow morning.
  2. I have to say it wasn’t the ending I wanted last night with San Jose winning, but as someone who’s been fairly critical of the NHL I have to give credit. That was one of the best , closest playoff series I’ve seen in a long, long time. Take away Detroit’s empty netter in game six and every single game was a one goal game. That one went 7 games and there wasn’t a snoozer in the bunch. Good show, boys. Okay… on to the silly!
  3. Silly, sad, or dumb? Not sure I can decide. It appears that not Maytag has decided that the Maytag Repairman is going to be taking a back seat in their commercials. Now, I know the original guy is no longer with us. And the new guy doesn’t seem to have caught on as much, but still… so much for pop culture. I guess nobody gets ANY appliances fixed anymore, huh?
  4. Speaking of pop culture…I’m willing to give Johnny Depp a fair bit of leeway I guess, and let him have the benefit of the doubt for now but I have to admit, When I read the headline “Depp wants to ‘reinvent’ Lone Ranger-Tonto relationship” well, let’s just say the first thought to cross my mind was the line from Star Wars….  “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”. You’re messing with pop culture history there.
  5. If you’re traveling in the near future, you may want to skip this next one. It’s a video of a lightning strike on a plane landing in London. Personally, I think it’s freaking cool. Especially since it didn’t harm the plane and nobody got hurt.

Ok, that’s a quick five folks. Not quite as hockey heavy as I thought it was gonna be, but still worked some in there. And now, I’ve gotta jet. Weekend is here.

You know who else knew how to jet? Hugh Hefner, that’s who. This one is worth it just for the background music.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The new car smell edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another edition of our merit-less weekly feature, Five Thoughts on a Friday. Why the hate? No hate, just making sure that we never take this (or ourselves) too seriously! So with that said.. On with the fun!

  1. Let’s start off with a fun one. Earlier this week I finally got around to getting the post “On the Internet…” finished up and posted. And boy, am I glad I did. Because today I see Yahoo using a spin on my idea and promoting it on their front page! Theirs is dated May 12th. Our was posted on the 11th. We did it first! Neener! Neener! Of course, theirs will get much more traffic than ours, but at least we can have fun with having hit the publish button on ours before they did on theirs. It would also seem to indicate that we may seem to have a feel for timely issues. Now THAT is a scary though!
  2. I just have to ask… “How?” It appears Playboy is planning a “safe for work site“. So they’re going to finally, truly test that “I read it for the articles” argument? Let’s be honest, I hear Playboy, I think bunnies. And not Bugs Bunny, either. Playboy  = naked. Naked = Not safe for work. I’m guessing this one will be a swing and a miss.
  3. The whole fascination with Zombies has always really made me wonder about it. I just never understood it. Why zombies over skeletons, werewolves, etc.? Now I know. We have a confirmed zombie! Of course, it’s a rogue satellite, not a former person. Robot/mechanical zombies!  Everybody panic!
  4. I have to go with this one here, but not for the obvious reasons in the headline of the article. Yeah. If I was an attorney arrested for bringing drugs INTO a jail, I’d ask for a court appointed attorney, too. After all, it’s obvious the legal advice she was giving herself was….. Bad. Very, very bad. Not representing herself is probably the only smart choice she made all day.
  5. And we come to the new car smell point in the post. Why? Well, i just picked up a new car and it had me thinking. People seem to love their cars. They often become an extension of their personalities. Now, I’m not big on the customization thing. I go for the keep it clean and maintained route. Other people though, they buy accessories, get the cars painted, you name it. I had never seen anyone take it this far though! Ladies and gentleman, the Shark Truck! A shark. In a truck. Is that like Snakes on a Plane? Probably not.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready to hit the weekend. One last shark comment though….  Land Shark!

<Sorry, the embedding isn’t working on this one. This was supposed to be the code to embed the classic SNL skit “Land Shark’, but it isn’t cooperating. Here’s the direct link for the video. Go, watch. Laugh. It is after all, a classic.>

Have a great weekend folks!