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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I wanted to get a head start” edition

Well it’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for this week’s Five Thoughts.

  1. I’ll admit to trying to cheat this week. I tried to get most of this written last night (Five thoughts on a Thursday?). Apparently WordPress thought that would be a bad idea. The dashboard site that we use to publish was down. All night (Ok, maybe not all night. Just the 2 or so hours I was checking). No big deal, except for that cheerful little “WordPress will be back in just a minute” error message. That was there, for hours, not minutes.
  2. I’ve been keeping an eye on this one. They’re calling it “The Drudge Tax“. Technically, this little feature we do here may fall under it since I tend to link to stories. Still, the show goes on. And believe me folks, you don’t want to see me doing 5 thoughts worth of original stuff every week. It would be… out there.
  3. A lady who’s trying to be the “heaviest living woman”. She says, and this is a direct quote from the article, “I’m very healthy. I go to the doctor every three months”. The article also points out that she’s more than 600 pounds, suffers from Type 2 diabetes and struggles with basic tasks such as cooking and taking a shower. Um, Lady? Your definition of “healthy”? I don’t think it means what you think it means.
  4. As if having skunks around your house isn’t bad enough. Having RABID skunks in your neighborhood? That’s just…. ouch. I think that’s about as bad as it gets.
  5. I think it’s safe to dub this “Remake Weekend” at the box office. With not one, but two remakes of 80’s favorites. First off, The Karate Kid it’s a different take from what I can see. Having just seen Rush Hour again, I wonder if they’ll be able to work in any of the Jackie Chan light-hearted humor. Second, the A-Team. Apparently in the version of the A-Team, they actually shoot people! Did someone not tell them that was part of the joke on the original show? All those guns going off, and nobody getting shot. That *was* the joke. Of course, given the state of Hollywood and the way they’re recycling old ideas, every weekend could be “Remake Weekend”.

From the originals…

Ok, that’s five and we’re out for the weekend. Something about graduation season being in full swing.

Have a great weekend, folks!