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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I Didn’t Study” edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another Five Thoughts on a Friday. After fighting a snowy drive in (Seriously folks, it’s March now. We’ve seen snow all winter long, you still haven’t figured it out?), I’ve been spending the morning looking over the news, which is dominated by the horrible earthquake and tsunami news coming out of Japan. As I write this this morning I’ve got a live news feed of Hawaii getting some tsunami waves. It’s not exactly great news, you know? Still, we’ll do our best to be a bit silly and see if we can’t lighten the mood a bit. Don’t they say something about laughter being good medicine and all? (and who are “They”, anyways?). Ok, let’s get started!

  1. Writing on the fly this week. Why? Because I decided to treat Thursday night like a Friday night. So this morning I’m feeling like the guy at school who shows up and realizes there’s a test he didn’t study for. Good thing I still usually did okay on those tests. Still, we’re flying with no notes here.
  2. I read where a study has now said that coffee may help reduce the risk of stroke. You know what else it can do? Prevent beatings. As in “If I don’t have coffee at work there will be a beating”. And I also have to wonder if simply having the knowledge that you have coffee is the relaxing effect that prevents the stroke. Versus the stress of having no coffee.
  3. Speaking of coffee… you know what does not go well at all with coffee? Doritos. I know. I’ve tried it. Not good.
  4. I ran across this little nugget last week. Had I found it before I published last week’s post it would have made it into that post. I almost made it a separate post. I feel that strongly that “This Has Horrible Idea Written All Over It”. Let me say it again….  “This Will Not End Well”. What is it that got me all worked up? Ford’s next generation Mustang will have input from it’s global designers. We’re not talking engineering. We’re talking styling/design. Of all the cars in the world, the last one that should have a “global” look to it is the Mustang. Maybe they want to make it a FWD 4 cylinder again, too? It’s an American icon. Take all the global engineering you want, but make it look purely American. After all these years, the car deserves that small bit of respect. It never has, and never should, be a global car.
  5. OK, calming down a little bit now after that last one… Let’s look at this one. It’s a subject with serious safety ramifications, but we can look at it in a bit of a humorous light… Collisions between aircraft and birds are on the rise. What’s wrong with those birds? Don’t they know how to file proper flight plans? Aren’t they listening to the flight controllers? And am I the only one who notices that when they give examples they always mention what happened to the plane, but never the bird? I’m pretty sure things don’t end well for the birds. Although I’m guess that it does end pretty quickly.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready to start my weekend. Heck, who am I kidding, I started it last night!

Since I was ranting about Mustangs, what the heck….

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Bad Morning Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another Friday morning (whatever time it may be as you read this). Let’s jump right in, shall we?

  1. Had one of those mornings where life is giving you all kinds of hints you should just stay home. So as I’m more or less cursing myself as I’m getting in the car to head to the office. Start the car, and the radio starts. What’s on? That 60’s classic… “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by the Rascals. If not for coffee – my car probably wouldn’t have a radio right now.
  2. Diving into current events a little here…. I know this is a hot button issue and I’m not going to debate the pros or cons, right or wrong of anything. I just want to point out one small thing… The backers of a proposed Islamic center near ground zero are expressing regrets about creating a firestorm with a plan they thought would be simple and noncontroversial. To these folks I only really have one thing to say.. Whoever does your public relations? Fire them. Fire them right now. Fire them out of a cannon if you can. This whole thing had PR NIGHTMARE! DO NOT OPEN! written all over it.
  3. I like this story, plain and simple. A Carolina Beach restaurant has adopted a “No Screaming Children” policy. Yes, you can still bring children there, but if they are screaming and carrying on, you’ll be asked to take them outside to calm them down. If I’m ever in Carolina Beach NC, I’ll definitely make it a point to patronize this establishment. And yes, as a child I was hauled out of a restaurant/church/store when I was being disruptive. Been there, done that.
  4. Yeah, I can’t see Clint Eastwood playing Superman or 007 either. Apparently he was asked though, and turned them down. Granted, since he looks like he could still kick a lot of people’s rear ends… had he said “yes”, I’d probably agree with that decision too!
  5. Speaking of movie decisions I do not agree with. I disagree with the very thought of them remaking this one. I like Jeff Bridges as an actor very much. Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne. But he’s starring in the lead in a remake of True Grit anyways. This quote from Matt Damon (also in the remake) fills me with confidence, too. “I’ve never even seen the original John Wayne movie”. Oh good. Well, I probably won’t see this one, so we’ll be even then!

Ok folks. That’s five and I’m off on a coffee fueled bender for the rest of the afternoon. As I was wondering what to close with earlier this week, I was sorting through my typical early MTV/New Wave type of selection when it was mentioned out that I tend to ignore some genres. I would like to point out that while I do consider myself an equal opportunity offender – I just don’t follow some types of music as closely as others. Still… This one is a bit of a departure from the usual…

Have a great weekend folks!