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Five thoughts on a Friday…5-2 Monster Defense edition

Good evening…..errrr, good morning there everyone. Well, we in the Midwest have made it through a week that included Deathstorm 2011. It was going to be a tough one. I wasn’t sure if at certain times I would regret not going to the store and getting loaves of bread and bottled water. Phew…we made it though. Also, this week my former linemate has left me in charge….so, let’s get on with it.

1. Apparently there is a resort being planned that would only staff Blonde personnel. It’s being built by a company called Olialia which specializes in woman of the fair hair variety. Must fight temptation for a blonde joke….must fight it…..oh the heck with it….Why couldn’t the blonde add 10 and 7 on a calulator? She couldn’t find the 10 key.

2. One of my favorite things when I first got into the Simpsons was the tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action films with McBain. I had no idea that the Simpson writers actually had a full film in mind with all their miniepisodes. Someone put them all together and they actually resemble a full movie.

3. I will not lie, I don’t have any witty comment to make here. All I know is that if I find out this is from some project that J.J. Abrams is working on……I’m going to be ticked! Otherwise, this is pretty dang cool.

4. Just in time for the Superbowl, I stumbled on this cool little tidbit. Kraft Foods stores a ton of their cheese in a subterranean fridge. I believe this is the future bombshelter I will be looking for after the aliens come to the planet.

5. Finally, I have to eat crow. I have been on my soapbox preaching on this blog about how there is no new original material coming out of Hollywood. Folks, I stand corrected. I can’t even explain the bizarre idea of this film, but I can honestly say….noone has done this one before!

And that’s a wrap. I’m sure you’re thinking, man, Beer never post this many videos on his Five. He actually writes interesting stuff. Well, this is what happens when someone leaves the ex-AV Club member in control.