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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Yeah, sort of missed a week” Edition

Apologies folks, last week sort of slipped away from us and it was some time Friday afternoon that I realized that we hadn’t done a post for the week. We weren’t all on vacation or anything, in fact I think we were all mostly in the area. Ah well. Anyways, this week we’re back it so let’s see what’s up, shall we?

  1. I’m a firm believer in the saying “Every time you make something idiot-proof, the world just makes a bigger idiot”. As a result, we seem to have a lot of really dumb people in the world these days. Take this article. I’m sorry, “I forgot it was there” is really no excuse for this. As my cohorts like to pick on me for, I travel a fair bit. A lot of it is on airplanes. If I can remember to not bring the little utility tool knife through security, there’s no reason for more and more people to show up for their flight with a gun! Now, I’m not an anti-gun person by any means, but if you can’t remember it’s in your carry on bag, should you really own a gun in the first place?
  2. Staying with the “not real bright, are you?” theme… What exactly did this ‘brain surgeon’ think was going to happen when they modified an old machine gun to make it seem like it was firing and drove around town with it mounted on a vehicle? Yep, the police got involved, and they got arrested. As our buddy Red would say….
  3. And one more for good measure… While summer has been going along swimmingly up here (No seriously, we’re virtually swimming we’ve gotten so much rain here in Michigan this summer! Good thing I have a boat!) it’s been hot, and I mean HOT in other parts of the country. Like Death Valley. Where they made a really fun video showing a ranger frying an egg in a skillet that’s been out in the sun. And that where the idiots came in. People visiting death valley tried to fry eggs. Except, they aren’t using skillets. They’re frying them on the ground, and making a huge mess of things. And now the park literally is asking people to stop frying eggs on the ground.
  4. Of course, as I’m carrying on about all this I came across this one which points out… I’m going about it all wrong! Well, except that I’m not technically writing a complaint letter. But I love this one, and I wanted to share. And if you look closely on the site, there’s actually TWO great complain letters available. And the only thing I can add is that it just reinforces my belief that if you do need to write a complaint letter, be clear about what was wrong but there’s no reason to be nasty about it. That doesn’t get you anywhere.
  5. And lastly, I know this will have some people up in arms for various reasons. This blog isn’t the place to worry about that type of stuff though. I’m just putting it here because I think it’s freaking cool that a completely computer controlled unmanned aircraft (With zero human control, not even remotely) is capable of multiple carrier landings. We’re one step closer to Skynet!

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m calling it a day. Why does it seem like I’m cutting it short? Because as I mentioned up in the post, we’ve had a ton of rain around here recently. But today? Blue skies. And in honor of finally seeing a blue sky

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Day Before Brew Day” Edition

Good morning everyone, and happy day before National Homebrew Day. And Happy Kentucky Oaks Day (aka Day before Derby Day). And of course, Happy Friday. Wow, that may be some sort of record for links in an intro. Now, onto more pressing/silly/stupid/amusing things….

  1. When I read this story, I couldn’t decide what was more disturbing…  That a Connecticut man “lost his life savings on a carnival game“, Or that said man’s life savings amounted to – wait for it…. $2600.  But, apparently that’s what he lost playing ‘ball toss’. Have no fear though, in true American fashion he’s suing the carnival operator claiming ‘the game was rigged’. Are we sure this didn’t really happen in Florida? Regardless, I think this guy needs a visit from our good friend Red.
  2. See? I knew it! We’re all doomed! Apparently a team at Oxford has determined that the human race is its own greatest threat to its own existence. We’re our own worst enemy? Really? I thought you folks at Oxford were smart. You needed ‘a team of experts’ to come up with that? Their reasoning though? We could face extinction due to our reliance on technology. Technology, huh? Did they not see the story about the guy losing his life savings? On ‘ball toss’? And technology is our big risk? I’m gonna go with.. people are stupid. That’s the main problem.
  3. Then again, maybe those blokes at Oxford are onto something. After all, this article on CNN.com is talking about how Google’s predictive search is now coming to the iPhone and iPad. Yes, it was out already for Android for a while – but now it’s pretty much everywhere. And it knows what you’re looking for. It remembers. And it learns. And it very much is starting to sound like Skynet. Which of course brought us a system that can’t be bargained with. Can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear…
  4. And of course, what’s a Friday post without something I like to call ‘news of the odd’. And I don’t care what the reason is. Bottling 300 gallons of your own urine and keeping it in your home is just… plain… odd! For crying out loud man… how many drug tests were you planning on faking, anyways??
  5. And lastly, sometime you just need to laugh and have a little fun. Which is without a doubt what a judge in San Antonio decided to do when he issued a hilarious ruling on a case involving strip clubs and what the dancers must wear at the clubs. Firing off classics such as “An ordinance dealing with semi-nude dancers has once again fallen on the Court’s lap” and “While the Court has not received amicus curiae briefs, the Court has been blessed with volunteers known in South Texas as ‘curious amigos’ to be inspectors general to perform on sight visits at the locations in question”.  Notice the “On-Sight” inspections reference there in the last one? Clever!

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m off to work on some beer related stuff. Yep, Beer’s brewing tomorrow to celebrate homebrew day (a pilsner style for those who want to know). And once I finish, Maybe I’ll make myself some mint juleps.  In the meantime, since one of my co-bloggers decided to hassle me for using a Toby Keith song last week, and in honor of the terminator reference up there… Well, let’s just go with a song that helped make the “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle” scene so iconic….

Yep, the T-100 was Bad to the Bone..

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Rambling Beer” Edition

Howdy folks and welcome back to another edition of Five Thoughts. here we are on another Friday, and we’re flying without a net today. Let’s see what we can come up with off the cuff, shall we?

  1. I meant to get this post started earlier in the week, or at the very latest last night but it just didn’t happen. It’s a golden time for sports in the metropolitan Detroit area right now, and I keep getting drawn in. The Lions just hosted a Monday Night Football game. The Detroit Tigers trail the Texas Rangers in the ALCS, but all the games have been tight. The Detroit Red Wings have even quietly snuck in and started the NHL season when no one was looking. If there’s been another sports run in this town, I sure don’t remember it.
  2. We’re a few weeks from Halloween. I really like Halloween. Always have. As a kid, for the candy. As an adult… yeah, petty much still for the candy. What I don’t like? Walking into Lowes and seeing an area larger than a 2 car garage full of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ALREADY!. Can we at LEAST get to Halloween before we jump into Christmas please? I know Thanksgiving has long been a casualty of Christmas creep, but now we’re into October?? What’s next, losing Labor Day to Christmas?
  3. I follow WordPress on Twitter. And I had to laugh the other day. They send out tweets with ideas to write about (In an effort to people to post more). And one of them last week was to “Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about”. Um, if you do that, aren’t you writing about them then? And if you’re writing about them, then it seems you’re really “Not” afraid to write about them. And for the record, we’re not really afraid to write about anything here at The Beerbarrel. There’s just a few things (such as politics) they we made a conscious decision to not write about. We want this blog to range from silly, to stupid,  to funny. Not mean spirited or anything like that. (But do you realize HOW MUCH material we have to leave out by not covering politics? I mean, that’s the DEFINITION of silly and stupid at times).
  4. They may say it’s for 2 to 12 year olds but let’s be honest here. The people who are MOST going to want to go check out the new Legoland amusement park? Adults. And I’m willing to bet that if he didn’t already have plans, my co-blogger will be making them right after he hears about this place.
  5. I sent this story to my co-blogger earlier this week. To say it got him fired up may be an understatement. It appears that a computer virus is infecting part of the US drone fleet. Oops. And yet oddly enough, from the tone of the article it doesn’t appear that anyone is too concerned about it. Even with quotes like this:
    “We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back”
    You know, I really can’t help but wonder. Is this how Skynet comes about?

    We may well be screwed.

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m road tripping this weekend so I’ve gotta run. See y’all next post!

Have a great weekend folks!