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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Unplanned Outages” edition

Happy Friday folks, and welcome to another Friday. What’s been going on.. well…  Let’s jump right in and find out, shall we?

  1. Beer’s currently writing this from an undisclosed, secure location. No, I’m not being guarded by the Secret Service. You see, I know I had mentioned last week that we’d talk about some homebrewing and stuff this week, and that was indeed the plan. Then the 7-11 storm hit. No, we didn’t get pelted with Slurpees. That would have done less damage. We got a nasty storm. 70+ mph winds. Broken trees. And no power. Yuck. So, no writing at the house, and no beer brewing for Beermaker.
    And by broken trees, I mean like this….
  2. Why no beer brewing? Well, for one.. I use electricity when I brew to run a small pump. More importantly though, the brewing equipment is in the garage. And I couldn’t open it. Yes, I know exactly how the emergency release works. It was actually the small matter of my electric line laying across the top of my garage that kept me from trying to open my metal garage door. See how that works? I like NOT being electrocuted.
  3. Other than that, it really hasn’t been horrible. It hasn’t been unbearably hot, so the house is comfortable. We kept the freezers closed, so we didn’t lose anything (What is with some of these people who throw out their whole freezer after 5 hours?), although I think the frozen turkey may have acted as a giant ice block. And… I got to play with a chainsaw again! And got stung by a bee. The chainsaw was definitely the more fun option.
  4. Speaking of chainsaws… There is something inherently ingrained in the male psyche about power tools. The bigger the better. So when you head around the neighborhood and everyone has the little 14″ toy chain saws for cutting shrubs, it’s very satisfying to look down and look at this one.

    It also brought this to mind…
  5. Since this post has been mostly about destruction, instead of homebrewing… How about closing with a news item that combines a bit of both (at least allegedly) from across the pond:
    Boston explosion: Unconfirmed local speculation of home brewing at unit
    Now, a couple of quick thoughts on this… As a homebrewer, I find it highly unlikely that if they were brewing something, that it was beer. I’ve had beer “explode” before. It is not a violent, rapid, flaming explosion. That would be cleaner. No, when fermenting beer “explodes” it’s generally because the airlock on the fermenter plugged up with the gunk (called krausen). The resulting CO2 pressure then usually blows sticky, slimy stuff all over the place.
    Now, if they were DISTILLING something on the other hand… But, that’s a story for another day.

Ok, let’s head on out. And since I have been talking about a lack of power, let’s head back to the 80’s for an easy solution.. Power Station!

I’m off to spend the weekend with my chainsaw… Might be a BABF in my near future. (BABF = Big A$$ed BonFire)

Have a great weekend (with electricity) folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Deep Fried Turkey” edition

Howdy folks!

Ripping through another week, we’ve arrived at Friday once again. Now, I don’t want to brag, but after today deal old Beermaker only has one more full workweek left before a much anticipated holiday break. Feel free to hate.

As a side note, I’m toying with the possibility of some alternate  posting schedules for the rest of the year. So don’t be surprised if things get shuffled a little bit. Anyways… let’s get started, shall we?

  1. The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special was on last night. And the Christmas sugar cookies have made their annual appearance here at the office. I swear, those little things are every bit as addictive as crack. Screw the potato chips, try eating just one of those damned cookies. Heck, you crave more before you even have the first one!
  2. I’m not going to justify what the person did as right, legal, or anything… but really now ladies… If you’re at a bar, and someone is offering to give you a breast exam for free, how exactly does that NOT come across as some sort of come on or something? Even if the other person *is* (or in this case, at least claims to be) a woman? Seriously now!
  3. Yesterday was the IPO for the all new GM (General Motors) stock. If you somehow got in at the actual IPO price  of $33.oo you did ok. If you got in at the price at the opening bell ($35.20) I hope you got out sometime before 11:30 am EST or so. At 4pm the stock closed at $34.19 a share. $1.01 below it’s price at the opening bell. Ah the auto industry. The more things change…..
    (More info here at autoblog.com)
  4. I generally read, but don’t post a lot of political news (unless it’s something worth mocking. Which most political stories qualify in some shape or form). This story stands on it’s own merits though. Why? Because it isn’t even political. It’s about Slurpees. And what *isn’t* good about a Slurpee, huh? Ok, besides the brain freeze, that is.
  5. Since this is the last “Five Thoughts” before Thanksgiving here in the states, I’m gonna use #5 today to wish everyone a very happy turkey day, and all that goes along with it. May your turkey dinner (or any substitute) turn out perfectly, may there be no rain on your Thanksgiving Day parade, and may your football team win it’s game (but if you’re trying to root for the Lions… you need help). Oh, and one word of warning… if the turkey is frozen…  DON’T put it in the deep fryer. Bad things will happen. Don’t believe me?

Ok, that’s five and I’m out of here. Since we led off by mentioning them… we’ll close out today with… The Peanuts!

Have a great weekend!