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Why I didn’t black the blog out…

This blog is generally a politics free zone, but hear me out on this. I promise it isn’t too bad.

I got an email from WordPress last night, asking for support in protesting SOPA. They provided an option to black out the blog today (January 18th, 2012), in solidarity with a bunch of other sites. Sites you may have heard of, like Wikipedia.

The idea is to have all of these sites “go dark” to show what a chilling effect this act could have on speech on the internet. I’ve seen everyone from web designers to gaming companies come out against it. I happen to agree with them. I think it’s a poorly written, horribly piece of legislation that’s pandering to a special interest group with money. That being said, I chose not to black out the site.

Why? Well, I had a big long paragraph written up that nobody would read so let me just put it this way. You want to make all the backgrounds black as a protest, fine. But these sites, that people use, are restricting their access. All you see is the blackout page. This site might be able to disappear without anyone noticing, but I don’t agree with holding your readers or users hostage in order to try to sway them to your side. So I put up the ribbon, but left the text here. That’s why we didn’t black the site out today.

Have a great day folks!