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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Clean Up, Clean Out” Edition

Happy Friday folks, and welcome to this week’s edition of Five Thoughts. A big thanks to PB for filling in for me last week as I was off boondoggling (I’m not even sure if boondoggle is a word, so I’m not gonna ask about ‘boondoggling’) around in a foreign country. But, we’re back now and ready to have a bit of fun, so let’s get at it, shall we?

  1. In case you were under a rock for the past week or so… There was a teeny tiny weather event.  Heck, we got walloped by it in Michigan! Thankfully, our cleanup isn’t / wasn’t too bad.  What I want to know though, who decided we should call it “Superstorm“? Is “Death Storm” reserved for blizzards that never happen during the winter? “Stormpocalypse” too played out? Oh, wand what was wrong with “Hurricane?
  2. Speaking of cleaning up, I was looking through the spam folder here on the blog. Some of them are classics worth reading, once you remove all the scheming, scamming links they try to include. A few recent favorites:
    “I did then again experience some technical issues the use of this web site, as I skilled to reload the site a lot of occasions prior to”
    “What would you recommend about your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?”
    “My brother suggested I might like this blog. He used to be entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not believe simply how much time I had spent for this info!”
    And my personal favorite….
    “Can I am getting your associate hyperlink on your host?”
  3. Heh, you know, you read things like that and you wonder how someone can even type that stuff out (Even if they don’t understand the English language at all). And then you come across something like this, and you realize that the people writing those comments, are the same people you share the roads with on a daily basis. Want proof?
  4. Circling back around the big storm,  you’ve probably seen bunches of photos. Including a lot of fakes. Not on that list, and not really “fake” but rather inaccurate, is the photo of the Marines guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier. It’s real, it just wasn’t taken during the storm.
  5. And changing gears completely, that disturbance you felt earlier this week? That wasn’t the storm. Or an earthquake. It was the inevitable happening. That right. Darth Mickey has purchased Star Wars (And Indiana Jones, and Lucasfilms, and Industrial Light and Magic), and announced they’re doing new movies. I always knew that Mouse was out to rule the world.

Okay folks, that’s a scatterbrained five for this week, and we’re rolling on into the weekend. Now, before we leave – let me remind you all that tomorrow is “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day“. So, teach your friends how to make beer tomorrow. Although, if you don’t already know how…. maybe just take your friends with you to go learn from someone who does. Trust me, it’ll work out better that way. Okay folks, in the meantime, time to Clean some more!

Have a great weekend folks!

With apologies to Monty Python….

Spam, Spam, Spam…

Folks, it’s time to talk about spam. And not the kind pictured above. I actually like THAT stuff. Did you know they serve it with damned near everything out in Hawaii? It’s true. They even make Spam sushi!

No, I’m here to talk about the online equivalent of old postal junk mail. Yeah, THAT spam. Now, I have to admit – most of it is annoying, some of it is obscene, and a lot of it can be downright malicious (Either looking to infect a machine, or steal personal info). But to read some of it.. I have to laugh at some of it.

We had a few comments get caught in the spam filter here recently. Most were gibberish – unintelligible links and such with no substance to them. But there were two.. Oh were there two.  I think they were just spitting words out of random word generator or something. I couldn’t help but laugh.

So now, in all their glory (and none of their trackbacks or links) is what I found:

We particularly treasured learning your distribute. Many thanks!Your area of look at closefisted to be able to the neural all the best, do you consider the Rss feed nutrition ?

Who knew an RSS feed needed nutrition?
And not to be outdone…

Unquestionably suppose that you simply expressed. Ones much-loved rationale looked like there was on the net the most effective thing to learn. I explain to you, When i certainly receive agitated even though folks think of problems that people obviously don’t understand in relation to. Everyone been able to come to a finger nail upon the very best and in addition outlined your complete idea with no need sideeffects , persons will take a transmission. Is going to be to read more. Thank you so much

Yeah, I often come to a fingernail. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a transmission.

And since the opening of this was designed to hopefully stick this song in your head… here you go!

Later folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “on the fly” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome back for another “Five Thoughts on a Friday”. I’m here, I’m caffeinated, and completely and utterly unprepared. Let’s see where this one goes, shall we?

  1. I’ve heard the phrase “Lower 48 states” instead of  continental or contiguous states lately. It just sounds strange and incorrect to me. Doesn’t saying something like “lower 48” seem to imply that there would need to be an “upper 48” or something, as well? And last I checked, there were still 50 states. Of which, only one of the attached ones (Alaska) would qualify for and “upper” description.
  2. Got this from our very own Kingkielbasa….
    So I think Classmates dot com should do some research before it sends out emails to <school name removed> alumni that says, “Do you remember who your prom queen was?”
    The reason he mentions it? He went to a private all-male school. Yeah, classmates probably might want to double check that. Then again, if they did have a prom queen, I’m sure everyone *would* remember it.
  3. So let me get this straight… on Sirius/XM radio, there’s the Cosmopolitan channel. On this channel, there is apparently a show that (and is copied from the website because I had to go look) “helps us get inside the male mind and serves up a special blend of insight and relationship advice from a “dude” perspective”. Riiight…..
  4. So I’m looking throught he news and I see the headline… “Taliban commander found hiding in oven“, and all I can think of is “It’s been done”. See?
  5. Boy, how do you top Bugs Bunny? That’s classic old school cartoon right there. And it deals with silly criminals! What do you know, so does this story! I have to agree with the headline, if you’re gonna steal a car, best to be able to tell if it’s a gas or diesel powered vehicle! The stupid is strong with those two.

Ok, that’s five of the fly today and I’m finally finished for the week. Next week, back to keeping notes so I’m not the kid who wasn’t ready for the test in scool!
(Wait.. what do you mean I’m not done yet? The what? I *did* a video! It’s up there in the post! No? Fine, Just second….)

In keeping with trying to use some different music types, and having made this post up on the fly, and having closed it with a post about cars… A country song with a “flying” car in it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Five Thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the first “working” Friday of 2010 for most people. Hope everyone’s first week didn’t seem too interminably long. Even if it did though, it’s Friday now – home stretch for the weekend! And on that note, time for today’s Five Thoughts.

  1. Just want to clear something up for some people. If you’re being passed continuously on the expressway on the left and the right, the problem isn’t “Everyone driving like maniacs”. The problem, is *YOU*.  Just wanted to be clear on that one, OK?
  2. Lots of spammers sending stuff in to start the year. Some of it’s funny, some incomprehensible. Seriously guys.. if it’s just all gibberish, do you actually think anyone is going to click the link? Really? Still the personal favorite though, for humor reasons…  Cialis Softabs. Um.. isn’t cialis (and viagra) supposed to do the opposite?
  3. Have you ever listened to sports talk radio at all? Have you ever noticed just how many divorce lawyers seem to advertise there? Guys, here’s a hint… If you’re primary interests are continually exposing you to advertisements for divorce lawyers and the like. You are in a very BAD demographic. You may seriously want to reconsider some of your habits and interests.
  4. Trying to gain traction to get back into the swing here in this first workweek of the year. Not working great. Well, I take that back. There’s been a lot of progress made on researching a future vacation, but I’m not really sure that counts. I need a career change. Anyone know of any schools offering degrees in professional vacation taking? That seems like it would be a good gig.
  5. And today’s final though comes courtesy of the King. I have to say I agree with him.
    So, we’ve had our first “true” snow fall here and even though we live in the snow belt, it seems to have caught everyone by surprise.  Heck, our news stations led every news cast with stories on the snow fall.  But, I have to leave it up to my unemployed next door neighbor for the most bizarre action.  Snow blowing at 1am!!  Seriously?!  Are you waiting for the last snowflake to hit?  Are you afraid someone will need to use the sidewalk at that time? Oh, and by the way, when the snowblower makes that gawd awful sound? Yeah, that’s the lawn……..

Ok, that’s five and we’re off to enjoy the weekend. My snow is already shoveled.

Have a great one folks!

Back in business

And we’re back…

Sounds like a line from an old TV show, doesn’t it?

Vacations are over (who let us schedule vacations at the same time anyways? Doesn’t someone need to mind the store?), and I find we owe an apology. We missed not one, but TWO ‘Five Things’ columns. I had hoped I’d be able to get them done from where I was via the crackberry, but it just wasn’t working.

While we were away, America celebrated another birthday, several celebrities passed away, the NHL started it’s free agent signing spree (With the usual dubious moves) and most importantly…. the spammers helped run up our hit count.

I’d like to personally thank the spammers for that but please remember, no matter how many hits you give us I’m still not approving that gibberish you leave in the comments section. At least make it entertaining spam that’s worth reading, or make it porn, or something other than “cyslemahndn mnekelkahuuodnf” which makes us think the monkey fell asleep at your keyboard again.

Yummy Spam!

Here are some of my favorite email spam subject lines:

Support team bothers – Um okay?
Next album on depositfiles – okay, Sweet!
Get woody of girls again! – woohoo!
Your car is in danger – Oh no!!
Hello! Outlay less together with me. – All your base are belong to us
Know what it means? – No, but please tell me!
The prices for fashionable watches are falling. – OH NO! What are we going to do?
Make your love torpedo drive all the way to her tanker. – DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!

Until next time, Keep crashing the net.