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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Magnificant Seven” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Friday post. I had hopes/plans to get something else posted during the week, but life and a nasty strain of the plague hit me. Enough about me though, let’s get to making fun of stuff.

  1. Wondering about the title? No, in this case it’s no reference to the movie (Which is worth watching by the way). It’s in regard to some lunacy that my co-blogger and I have been subjected to. Now, it’s no secret that we don’t hold terrestrial radio (That would be AM/FM) in very high regard. However, even lower on the pole are some of the people who call into sports talk radio shows. Like the ones this past week. The people who called in saying that a defenseman in the NHL hadn’t “given the team a deal at all” on his contract. That he “wasn’t worth that much”. These are the same people who said two years ago that he “should retire” because “wasn’t what he used to be”. Yeah, he isn’t what he used to be. He used to be a six time Norris trophy winner as the best defenseman in the NHL. He isn’t that anymore. He’s now the SEVEN TIME (in 19 years!) Norris Trophy winner. Congratulations to Nick Lidstrom, one of the all time greats to play the game. And as for that contract amount nonsense? Go here. Look at the list of names and salaries. Now, tell me the defending Norris trophy winner isn’t a deal at $6.2 Million.
  2. Sticking with sports, well.. I’ll let my IM to my co-blogger stand on its own here:
    This is actually kind of sad… I know they’re much smaller rosters, but the way this fantasy draft gets into guys that were considered “just above average” in the top 100 say a lot about basketball not really having a lot of real stars….  (ok, it’s actually 120 players)
  3. I heard about the big celebratory dinner that the Dallas Mavericks had after winning, and now the sotry about the Boston Bruins has come up. My co-blogger caught this one and sent it along. It’s no surprise that when pro athletes (who are generally pretty darned well off) finally win it all, they party big. The story regarding the Bruins goes beyond big though. Why? Because someone got ahold of the receipt, that’s why. And it is EPIC. It’s posted at Fan 590 out ofToronto. Among the highlights? $180 worth of Red Bull. The lowlights? “Okay.. Who ordered an Amstel Light?!?!?”
  4. Sometimes, you get a freebie when posting about crazy stuff. This is one of those times. When the headline itself reads “Colo. police nab man accused of hiding in toilet” what more do you need to say? Of course, then you read it and see “Yoga Festival” and the line “A festival security officer says he chased a man who eventually emerged, but the suspect slipped away. The man was covered in human waste.” Yeah. I’m done here.
  5. Lastly, a story about the IT guy who got fired and retaliated by inserting porn pictures into a powerpoint presentation the CEO was giving. What’s that? You’ve heard this story a hundred times before? Well, yes and no. You’ve heard the part I just covered, sure. However, did you hear the part about the police searching the house for evidence in the hacking found home-made handgun silencers and materials to make more? Yeah, I didn’t either. Dude’s now up on federal felony charges for that. Yikes. I guess the moral of the story – don’t build your silencers at home if your hacking computer systems in a manner that will likely result in the police visiting your home. Or just, you know. DON’T make the silencers. That would work out well, too.

Ok, that’s five! Even if it was a little long winded today. We’re heading on out and we’re going to build on the movie theme again this week. No hidden quote this time though. This post shares part of it’s name with a movie. A movie opening this weekend has a character who shares a surname with a a guy in “The Magnificent Seven”. And it ain’t Yul Brynner. Who is it? It’s the guy she’s singing about.

Have a great weekend folks! next week you get a post from Kingkielbasa! Suppose I should let him know, huh?

Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “I feel a draft” edition

Friday is here once again, and so it’s time to cobble together five thoughts. You might have noticed the NFL draft started last night. If not, no biggie. It does lead to some interesting moments thought, and with that little observation we’re off and running into this week’s 5 things!

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with sports radio. I like being able to listen and get news and scores. I hate listening to some of the calls that come in to those shows. They’re painful to listen to. And in regards to a draft (especially in football), I’m convinced that some people will only be happy if their teams keep trading down until they own every pick in the draft’s last round. Of course, that wouldn’t make them happy either because they truly don’t seem to grasp one thing… EVENTUALLY YOU NEED TO PICK A PLAYER TO DRAFT!
  2. I’ll just file this one under “scary as heck“. There are still people unaccounted for, that stinks.
  3. While putting things under file headings… This one goes under HOLY CRAP!!! As if a headline reading Security camera in Ohio captures runaway saw blade isn’t enough to grab your attention. Make sure to check out the video.
  4. And….. this one goes under “What the…???” Seriously, the TSA needs to tell people that they shouldn’t being an automotive airbag (which is classified as an explosive device) onto an airplane??? Really? Sadly, I guess they do. So, were they carry on luggage or was it a checked (air)bag?
  5. This one is almost too easy. In fact, I debated not even using it but I just can’t pass it up though. Turns out that the SEC watches MORE than just stocks, bonds, and financial markets. It also watches PORN. Lots and lots of porn. On the taxpayer clock.  So it’s stocks, bonds, financial markets, and boobies! (Among other things, I’m sure). We’ll just go ahead and file this one too. Right under “We can’t make this stuff up”.

That’s five, and to keep with our draft theme we’re going to turn back to a football related video on the way out. No, it’s not draft specific but I think it’s a fun one. Years back, a local sports reported decided to film a segment with then Detroit Lion Chris Spielman. To say it didn’t “go as planned” for the reporter may be an understatement.

That’s all for now folks, have a great weekend!