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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Wind up for the Weekend” Edition

Howdy folks and here we are yet again with another edition of Five Thoughts. We’ve wrapped up another week, and I have to say… Life seems to really be picking up steam lately. Not entirely sure how I feel about that. There’s something to be said for slow and leisurely rather than break-neck and off the tracks. Still, that’s not the subject of this blog so let’s see what Beer’s brains has for us the week. (I don’t always know what I’m going to write once I start typing – I don’t get filled in ahead of time, either).

  1. First off, congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings who won the Stanley Cup earlier this week. As a result, PB and Kingkielbasa ended up tied for the most correct picks. And although I had picked the Devils, I am glad to see them get the win. There are some very good hockey people who have been in and around the game for a very long time with that organization. And now they finally get a ring. Of course, I can also list off a bunch of reasons why this year’s playoffs was a disaster for the league, but that’s another post altogether.
  2. Speaking of sports leagues, and things that are bad for the league…. The commissioner of the NBA decided he wanted in on the buffoonery. Now, I’m no big fan of the NBA, or of sports personality Jim Rome. However, David Stern’s response to Jim Rome asking something an awful lot of people have mentioned… the belief the NBA draft may have been rigged, was an utter embarrassment. even so, I’ve already seen several lawyers take up the NBA commissioners response was a textbook example of a “loaded question”. One you can not answer without incriminating yourself. Apparently they’re trying to make the argument that Mr. Rome’s questions was a similarly “loaded question”. While it may be true that “Have you stopped beating your wife?” is a loaded question, I’ll tell you what else it is. Utterly Classless and Inappropriate from the commissioner of a sports league. Any attorney who wants to argue that point, should probably ask themselves why their profession sometimes has the reputation it does.
  3. Okay, let’s shift from that to sandwiches! Everyone loves sandwiches, right? I mean, you gotta eat! Yep, no trouble here. Nothing at all. Nobody at all calling 911 to report that the deli is making their sandwich wrong. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone was so concerned that a deli wasn’t making a sandwich the way they wanted it, that they called 911 and asked the dispatcher to send someone over to help. Personally, I’m surprised someone who thinks calling 911 over a sandwich dispute is even capable of ordering a sandwich on their own! Let alone being able to tell if it’s made correctly. Or, as Red would put it…. Red?
  4. I mentioned this next bit of news to a couple of friends, and had to immediately restrain them to keep them from running off to the local bars and clubs. Seems they misinterpreted the headline.
    Study: Cougars making comeback as sightings rise across Midwest
    You see, they’re talking about the big cats. Not the slang term that you’ll find over at urban dictionary. And if you do own are bar or club? I can guarantee you that you don’t want one ofthese cougars in your establishment.
  5. Thought that last one was cheap? How about this one? I’m going to close by wishing all the Dads out there (Including my co-blogger) a happy Father’s day this weekend. Folks, don’t get dad a tie. Buy him a fancy beer, a bottle of scotch, a video game… anything but a tie. Or just take him out to dinner. Dinner would probably be appreciated too. Me? I’ll probably be living up to my pen-name and making some beer!

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m done for the day! Since we talked about Fathers, I feel the need to grant some equal time. So here’s something for Mom.


Have a great weekend folks!

NHL Playoff Picks – The Stanley Cup Finals!

This is it folks! The series for the greatest trophy in sports. There is no equal. So, to set the tone before we get to the point of this post….

So, where are we through three rounds?
Kingkielbasa53 –     8 right
PB          –     9 right
Beer         –     6 right
Tom Tantrums –     3 right (gave up?)

So now… the finals!  In the matter of the Los Angeles Kings versus the New Jersey Devils, how to we pick?

Kingkielbasa53 – Alright, after starting out strong I’ve started to unravel.  At least there is no way my co-blogger can catch me.  As far as my finals pick, I have to admit I’ve been impressed with the way New Jersey keeps getting better each round.  They barely got by Florida in the first round but have really shown they are a good team.  I still believe that LA is the better team though.  They really looked impressive in the round against Phoenix even if Phoenix thought the world was out to get them.  Los Angeles in six

Beer: Every once in a while, questions come up. Questions like… How was I on record as only having 4 picks right heading into the conference finals, then I not only pick both winners correctly but *also* nail the number of games for each series… and my total number of correct picks only goes up by one and says I got five right??? I think one of the other writers is trying to keep me down, man!
On to the pick….  I don’t know if there is a team out there playing better than LA has been. But I’m always leery of the week long layoff that the Kings just had. Still, we have possibly the hottest goalie on earth right now playing for the Kings – and in the other corner? Arguably one of the greatest to ever play the game. This has the makings of a classic. I’m going to hope for seven, but I think it will end in six. And I think Marty Brodeur will be holding the cup one more time when it ends. New Jersey in six.
Kingkielbasa53 response -I’ve updated the points as I was using Cornholio rules where our points canceled each other and only the remaining points were used.

PB – As the invited guest to this party I can say thank you to the King and Beer for allowing me to participate. Now that the nicities are over I came to win this baby just like the two teams in the finals. It was once said that a week off can be the death sentence especially in the NHL playoffs. Well that can be true but I am not so sure in today’s NHL. The Kings are big on the forwards and a defence that is solid. Their captain plays just on the edge and according to some, over the edge (see Michal Roszival). Then there are the NJ Devils. Solid up forwards and defenceman. Now to the goalies! This is where this Cup Finals will be won. One goalie a first ballot hall of famer and the other the new standard for NHL goalies. How will this play out only time will tell. For this pick I will channel my inner Eddie Shore for some old time hockey assistance. OOOMMMM. OOOOMMMMMM. (What did you say Eddie?) Ok Eddie says LA but  the devil sometimes wears a blue dress. New Jersey in seven.
(PS Yep that’s right I am in first place!!!)

So there you have it folks! By a score of 2-1 the ‘experts’ at the Beerbarrel are picking the New Jersey Devils to take home the Stanley Cup. Now it’s time to actually watch them play the games. Enjoy!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Doughnut Day Edition

Friday Again! Amazing how fast it gets here when your week starts on a Wednesday. Yep, you read the right. Shortly after posting last weeks Five Thoughts Beermaker hit the road for some R&R. I also got chastised for using Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy”, although coming from someone who also sent me a link to the snazzy napper I’m thinking I don’t have much to worry about. So with all that said, let’s see what’s kicking around in Beermaker’s brain today…

  1. I have to lead with this. It’s a moral imperative (Bonus points if you can pick out the movie that’s from). Today is National Doughnut Day! And did we get doughnuts here at the office? Of course not. Damned diets. If I were you, I’d check out the local Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme.
    And what’s National Doughnut Day without Homer Simpson?
  2. We aren’t huge basketball followers here at Beerbarrel Productions. Especially not the pro game. I’ve actually considered looking for someone to help with that. That aside, I’m going to miss Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq tweeted out his retirement the other day. As I told my co-blogger, there aren’t very many guys like him left in sports. No, I don’t mean 7 foot whatever and 300 pounds. I’m talking about guys who “get it”. Guys who seem to understand that it’s a game, they’re truly fortunate, and are enjoying the ride for all it’s worth. You can just see it in their eyes (even if they are as intense as can be during the game) and hear it in their voice. They’re having fun. We need more of those types in pro sports, not less.
  3. 2 weeks on, and a lot of people are still talking about the rapture that wasn’t. And they’re asking a lot of questions about the money that was spent on it. I just wonder, after looking at the guy who predicted it again that maybe they aren’t asking the right person. I just want to know, if Jeff Dunham playing a prank on all of us? When I look at the two side by side, I see it now…  (Yes, I photo shopped it together)
  4. In the news this morning, a small beacon of light, of hope. In the face of once again rising oil prices comes the news that one of the banes of humanity may be facing its end. No, we aren’t talking another terrorist or dictator or anything like that. We’re talking about that damned impermeable, hermetically sealed, often sharper than the razor blades it sometimes holds plastic “clamshell” packaging! Turns out the high oil prices are making it too expensive. Finally! A silver lining to high oil prices!
  5. Earlier this week our picks for the Stanley Cup finals went up. I think the post name says it all. “The Greatest Trophy“. It really is, no other trophy in sports can match it. Not just because of its age. or the names being etched on it. That’s part of it for sure, but just the history of that trophy. The stories that go along with it. Ones like this article, “The 10 oddest places the Stanley Cup has ever visited“. No other trophy comes close.

Ok, that’s five for this week and I’m off to see if ANYONE around here brought in some donuts.

And while I know it isn’t really fitting for the season, but what the heck… This one is fun, and timely…

Have a great weekend folks!

The greatest trophy…..

Well, I’m not even going to touch where our picks have been coming out…….
It is that time…….the Stanley Cup Finals…..the one thing that the NHL does right…..I’ll had it over to Beer for his pick to start:

Beer:”So its Boston at Vancouver for the Stanley Cup. I guess I’ll throw logic to the wind and just go on emotion. I tempted to go with the original six team. Tradition and all. However, Canada hasn’t had a cup winner since Montreal in 1993. So despite my having referred to Vancouver as a flawed team, I gotta pull for the Canucks.”

So, what’s my pick? That’s an easy one. I’ve got to go for the Boston Bruins. You can call my pick anything from wanting an original six team to win, to my mancrush on Cam Neely to the belief that Vancouver is not the greatest team that all of Canada wants it to be….I just believe that Boston will win. I think the D-men of Boston are finally gelin’, I think they believe in themselves but also realize that it’s a hard work trip and I just believe it’s time for them. I also don’t believe this round will be any different then any prior rounds….Boston in 7!

As a side note, since Beer is letting me run the show this time, I just want to say that no matter how much of a joke the NHL may be at times. It is still the best damn sport. I mean, any sport where a player takes a shot off the old nose and comes back to play…I mean, come on!

Yet, LeBron James played with a cold…BLAH HA HA HA HA!

Also, as I and others have made the comment about what a joke local sports radio talk shows have become compared to satellite radio programs….I’m sorry, but American shows covering the NHL can not touch the Canadians. Beer had sent me this link and I got chills just from watching it. I have posted it for all to enjoy. Have an awesome Stanley cup finals everyone….yes, history will be made!

The NHL Playoffs – Stanley Cup Finals Edition!

Well folks. Here we are. The NHL Stanley Cup finals.

Last night, Philadelphia beat Montreal 4-2 to advance to the finals where they will face the Chicago Blackhawks (who swept the San Jose Sharks). So much for me wanting an Original six final.

For the record, the picks for the conference finals were:

Beer: Chicago/Montreal
King: San Jose/Montreal

We do feel the need to apologize to Montreal. We hadn’t picked them at all until the conference finals, and that pick came with the following warning: King:  Just that this guarantees Montreal’s failure since we’ve never picked them until now.” Sorry about that one, Habs.

Anyways, the picks for the Finals!

Beer: Chicago. I’ve been saying since they swept the sharks that by rights, they should mop the floor with whoever came out of the east. Well, now we know it’s Philadelphia. I expect the Flyers will make it tough but fall in the end. The Blackhawks are going to bring home Stanley.

King: Blackhawks, they seem to be following the plan. Last year, conference finals to lose to rival. Old school team…..make it this year after a little trouble in the first round.

So there you have it folks. We’re voting Blackhawks. (Now watch the Flyers somehow win!)

Enjoy the games!
Beer and King