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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What the What?!?!” Edition

Hello friends it’s your friendly neighborhood PB bringing you this week’s Five Thoughts on a Friday. This week was a lot of fun with it being Halloween and all. Hope yours was not as soggy as ours. If you are wondering where Beer is well that is hard to say. Something about work and actually doing it to get paid or some damn thing like that, so here I am. Just like Huey Lewis and the News say working for a living right?

Let’s check out what we have going this week shall we?

  1. Like the title says this week is “What the What” and boy is this a doozy. If you wear a costume that says you are one thing, please don’t get arrested for doing it to someone else like let’s say your boyfriend. Just another example that alcohol can lead stupid people to do even more stupid things.
  2. Once in a while even in sports you can make a “What the What” moment. I have played various sports in my days and watched plenty more with friends but this one was truly a “OH HELL!!” moment. If you are a professional soccer player you know the rules buddy.
  3. This one is also from the ranks of too much alcohol can get you into places and situations that when you wake up you say “What the What?!?!?” I know that would be my reaction if I found myself being arrested as I woke up on the back of a horse
  4. This one is a story and non-story at the same time. The man at the center of this story has passed on. Good thing is they didn’t do to him like what he did to a dead whale back in 1970. How does this tie into the theme today you ask? He did what to what to a whale and it did what?!?! Thank you George for this moment most will never forget! 
  5. This is what you don’t want to find when you are hunting ever. If you are in a tree stand and you shoot a deer wait a little longer to come down and check out your prize. If there is another buck hanging around and won’t leave when you come down, I would stay back and do not mess with that buck for sure!! Good thing these guys are quick.

Well folks that’s the Five Thoughts for this week. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and received lots of treats and no tricks, unless you’re into that kinda thing. In honor of a ground breaking artist that passed this week we say thank you Lou Reed and see you on the Wild side.


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Weird, Gross, Painful, and Freekin’ Cool “Edition

Hello Folks! You guessed right it’s time for Five Thoughts on a Friday the PB edition. As you can tell from the title it will be the start of the annual October festivities of Halloween soon! I hope to entertain you and not in a scary way……..I hope. The bin is full of thrilling items so as Vincent Price said in a great 80’s song “It’s time for, the THRILLER!!!”

  1. This one is from the “Weird” file. I think we all at one time said I wish I could just disappear for a little while. There are even those times when in a fit of anger you may have said “DROP DEAD!” to someone you like or don’t like. But this guy takes it to a whole new level by wanting to come back from the dead? How does one handle it when a judge says “your dead honey.”  
  2. This one is from the file marked “Cool”. For all of those kids that play with Hot Wheels cars love how they change colors this one is right in your wheel house. Sounds like they finally have it down to have your paint job change colors depending on the weather. TOO COOL!!
  3. This one comes from the file marked “Painful”. People tend to make mistakes when messing with drunk people. With that said doesn’t mess with a drunken lady with a hand grip like a vice especially when she is pissed off! Also don’t let her get a hold of the man parts because that will hurt! We all know how it ends when you start messing with Sasquatch
  4. From the files of “Gross” comes this dandy one. I don’t know what possesses people to do such things like not replacing the toilet paper roll when empty or let your pet stick its tongue in your mouth after knowing it uses it to lick parts on themselves. I still shake my head with at the thought of this. If you see something on the floor that resembles food and did not see someone put it there, why would you pick it up and eat it? I guess you can ask this TV weather guy and also enquire how the cat puke tasted. Yep you guess it he ate cat puke on LIVE TV?!?!
  5. Finally this is from the “FREEKIN’ COOL!!!!” file. Only in New York do they get such fun things happening. This one needs no introduction so ladies and gentleman………I give you………………..Sir Paul McCartney!!!!!!

Well all that’s that for this edition of Five Thoughts the PB edition. It is a wonderful sunny day here in Michigan so please get out and enjoy yourself. I feel a little old school Black Sabbath coming on. So in honor of the army getting closer to making this a reality, I know Ironman would be proud!

On behalf of Beer, The King and me PB, have a great weekend everyone!!


The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Carol

Christmas Comes to Pac-Land

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Clean Up, Clean Out” Edition

Happy Friday folks, and welcome to this week’s edition of Five Thoughts. A big thanks to PB for filling in for me last week as I was off boondoggling (I’m not even sure if boondoggle is a word, so I’m not gonna ask about ‘boondoggling’) around in a foreign country. But, we’re back now and ready to have a bit of fun, so let’s get at it, shall we?

  1. In case you were under a rock for the past week or so… There was a teeny tiny weather event.  Heck, we got walloped by it in Michigan! Thankfully, our cleanup isn’t / wasn’t too bad.  What I want to know though, who decided we should call it “Superstorm“? Is “Death Storm” reserved for blizzards that never happen during the winter? “Stormpocalypse” too played out? Oh, wand what was wrong with “Hurricane?
  2. Speaking of cleaning up, I was looking through the spam folder here on the blog. Some of them are classics worth reading, once you remove all the scheming, scamming links they try to include. A few recent favorites:
    “I did then again experience some technical issues the use of this web site, as I skilled to reload the site a lot of occasions prior to”
    “What would you recommend about your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?”
    “My brother suggested I might like this blog. He used to be entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not believe simply how much time I had spent for this info!”
    And my personal favorite….
    “Can I am getting your associate hyperlink on your host?”
  3. Heh, you know, you read things like that and you wonder how someone can even type that stuff out (Even if they don’t understand the English language at all). And then you come across something like this, and you realize that the people writing those comments, are the same people you share the roads with on a daily basis. Want proof?
  4. Circling back around the big storm,  you’ve probably seen bunches of photos. Including a lot of fakes. Not on that list, and not really “fake” but rather inaccurate, is the photo of the Marines guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier. It’s real, it just wasn’t taken during the storm.
  5. And changing gears completely, that disturbance you felt earlier this week? That wasn’t the storm. Or an earthquake. It was the inevitable happening. That right. Darth Mickey has purchased Star Wars (And Indiana Jones, and Lucasfilms, and Industrial Light and Magic), and announced they’re doing new movies. I always knew that Mouse was out to rule the world.

Okay folks, that’s a scatterbrained five for this week, and we’re rolling on into the weekend. Now, before we leave – let me remind you all that tomorrow is “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day“. So, teach your friends how to make beer tomorrow. Although, if you don’t already know how…. maybe just take your friends with you to go learn from someone who does. Trust me, it’ll work out better that way. Okay folks, in the meantime, time to Clean some more!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “May the Fourth” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. before we get going, let’s touch on the title of today’s post. In other words… Happy Star Wars Day. Don’t get it? Here’s a clue… say the part of the title that’s in quotes. Still no? Okay, say it again then listen to this.

Okay, now that we  have that out of the way (Hey, I’m just the messenger here folks) let’s see what we can cover today…

  1. We’ve got one heck of a mixed bag assembled this week. Wait… did I just say “Assemble”. You know, there’s a tiny little movie opening in the States this weekend after a big opening overseas. And it uses the word assemble. It also uses two of my co-blogger’s favorite words. In fact when paired together, I think it may well be his favorite two word combination. What are they? Hulk, and Smash. As in.. “Hulk? Smash.” Might need to go see this one.
  2. I’ll leave it for you to decide. Cool, creepy, ego-maniacal, or just someone having some fun because they can. And which picture is more disturbing, the ice in the glass, or the stretched out photo on the side with the person holding the ice cube in the tongs? Yes, we’re talking about ice cubes. Made to look like Sir Richard Branson.
  3. So, imagine you’re walking along the beach. Just sort making note of all the stuff that you’re finding washed up. All the normal stuff, you know… Seashell, dead fish, oh, there’s a tiny little crab running around, rocks, seaweed, Harley Davidson, wait…. what was that last one? That’s right. Harley Davidson. Washed clear across the Pacific ocean from Japan. The things our planet can do at times.
  4. Staying on/in the water for a moment… If you’ve ever needed a bigger boat.. This is probably not the auction for you. The U.S. Navy is auctioning off it’s stealth ship. Now, before you start making plans to import large amounts of Cuban rum and cigars into the Florida Keys…. The ship will be disassembled. Boo. Well, maybe the market for the scrap metal will be more than the winning bid.
  5. And for our fifth item today, let’s talk about something for Cinqo de Mayo. I’d like to make a small suggestion on this busy, busy day. You see, it’s not only Cinqo de Mayo (aka any excuse to throw a party, right?). It’s also the 1st Saturday of may. Which means two things. It’s National Homebrew Day. That’s right. A day dedicate to making your own beer. Pretty spiffy if you ask me. The other event? The Kentucky Derby. The most famous horse race in the world. So, my suggestion? In the middle of all the revelry for Cinqo de Mayo and Big brew… take a few moments out around post time for the Derby (6:24pm EDT) and have yourself an All-American drink on Cinqo de Mayo. Have a Mint Julep. Then go right back to your beer, tequila, and tacos. Have fun, but be safe!

Okay folks, that’s Five on the fourth and I am done for the week. So let’s head out into what should be a pretty good party weekend with something a bit more contemporary than what we’ve been using lately. And since it is Star Wars Day, I thought this would fit absolutely perfectly.

Have a great weekend folks! May the Fourth be with you!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Under Surveillance” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. Been a bit of an uneventful week around here. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy though. One of the highlights for Beer included a beer that I helped make scoring fairly well in a competition. In fact, it was a beer that came right out of the very barrel we use in the picture on this blog. Enough about that for now though. On to the silly and stuff….

  1. While watching the Washington Capitals play the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, I was reminded of something that I’ve mentioned before. Damn Dwayne Roloson is a dead ringer for Steve Nash! Check it out here!
  2. Speaking of things I mentioned before…. I talked about this when I first heard it. Johnny Depp Playing Tonto in a new Lone Ranger movie. I was nervous about it then, after all you’re talking about icons in pop culture Americana. Now I’ve seen a photo. This photo.

    To use a quote from another movie franchise….
    I’ve got a bad feeling about this
  3. After watching Niklas Kronwall absolutely destroy Jakub Voracek on Tuesday night, the video made the rounds online. Upon seeing it, my co-blogger was moved to right a very accurate post about it the next day entitled “Bad Day at the Office?” where mentions that at least in the office you don’t have to worry about getting run over by a freight train. Which made me think of… Terry Tate.
  4. This one just made me shake me head when I read it. In the “why did this become an issue NOW” type of way. I mean, for all the years you saw all the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” signs, and the Ohio Statehouse didn’t have a similar rule? I’m pretty sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.
  5. I’m not going to get political with this one, but an article on CNN today is warning us that “The Government is reading your Tweets!” Oh my goodness! Everybody Panic! Run in multiple directions! Okay, deep breaths now folks. Let’s all get over the indignation that someone DARE READ something that we put out there into the Public Domain. How dare they?!?!? I mean, I only put that tweet out there for everyone to see! How dare they read it??  As for me, I hope they are. I’ll take all the readers I can get!

Okay, that’s five and I’m finished for today. At least here on the blog. There’s still beer to drink, drunken tweets to send (Those are some of the best to read, you know) and projects to work on around the house. Always. They never end, do they? Oh well, such is life. Especially when people are watching you. (Or reading your tweets!)

Have a great weekend folks!



Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Fully Unprepared” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to an edition of Five Thoughts that I am utterly and completely unprepared to write. Hence the title today. But will that stop me? Heck no. We’ll just wing it and make it up as we go. After all, it’s Friday. So we got that going for us. So with that in mind, what should be talk about today? Let’s find out!

  1. The Phantom Menace launches in 3-D today. At first, I was staunchly against the idea of seeing it. All I could think of was “Great, they probably re-rendered a few scenes to have ships fly off the screen – big deal”. Then I caught George Lucas talking about it on television. He said he wasn’t a big fan of the gimmick angle of it. He talked about how it would add depth and such. Okay, that kind of makes sense. I can see that. I am now somewhat intrigued. I’m saving the outright morbid curiosity for the originals though. Because I really want to see how well a movie originally filmed in 2-d in the mid 1970s translates to 3-d in what would likely be 2015.
  2. Much to the chagrin of my co-blogger, I’ve started finalizing plans for more of “Beer’s Boondoggles” this year. I’m still not certain how many there are going to be yet, but I can assure you that at least one of them is truly a doozy.  (Hmm… I got to use boondoggle and doozy in the same post. Awesome). I may yet be able to create a travel section for this silly little project. I’m thinking some trips to New Orleans, Toronto, Chicago, and possibly a stop or two in Florida would do nicely. Maybe throw a Vegas trip in there, too.
  3. In music news, the first Van Halen studio album featuring vocals by David Lee Roth went on sale this week. I don’t have it, but I’ve heard some of it. Now, I’m not going to pass any sort of judgments on it. That’s not why I’m talking about it here. The reason I’m mentioning it at all is because right as this album comes out, what comes to my attention? The first song off of the new Chickenfoot album. Who is Chickenfoot you ask? Well, aside from a band that I used to close out one of these columns about two weeks ago – It’s the band made up of Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, and Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar. You know, two guys who USED to be in Van Halen. Am I the only one seeing a bit of a coincidence here? Hmm?
  4. In sporting news, we’ve truly hit a dead zone. The Superbowl is finished, and all we’re really left with is basketball and hockey. Now, that’s not to talk down to people who enjoy and follow those sports. Heck, we’re both hockey guys here on the blog. It’s just that even basketball and hockey are sort of hitting their “dog days” right now. You know, the middle of the season where you can tell it’s a grind towards the playoff push. The NHL tried to make some noise yesterday though. Finally “Announcing” that the Winter Classic will be played at Michigan Stadium pitting the Red Wings against the Maple Leafs. Of course, pretty much everyone who follows the NHL knew that it was coming. Still, it was a pretty cool announcement. Considering the announcement included a ton of hockey to be played outdoors at Comerica Park in Detroit. College hockey (GLI Tournament), minor league (AHL), and major junior hockey (OHL). Great for hockey, great for the city ofDetroit. You won’t see me anywhere near the 115,000 people they’re expecting at Michigan Stadium for the game though. Too many people for my tastes. I’ll probably be somewhere with palm trees for the game, anyways. Yes, more boondoggles.
  5. This weekend features some home repair on the docket for Beermaker. Going to be putting in a new garage door opener. Now, I’ve fought off my inner Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and the urge to mount a twin turbo-charged 4 cylinder gas powered garage door opener. You know, 220 horsepower, closed door to open door in .02 seconds. No, we’re going to be going with a standard issue stock electric model. Probably a ½ horsepower model. The only hitch? It’s going to be cold. Why does it always have to be cold when you have to work on stuff like this? Cold hands, here I come!

Okay, that’s five and I’m out of material for the day anyways. There’s some snow coming down, an my mind is on how the convertible is going to handle in this. Again, I need to be somewhere with palm trees. Like the Caribbean. And since it was just Bob Marley’s birthday….. Here you go!

Have a great weekend folks!



Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Frozen Nose” Edition

Howdy folks! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another five thoughts. We’re coming to you live from the Frozen Tundra today. No, not from Lambeau Field in Green Bay. They’re out of the playoffs so I’m taking free reign to use the name a little bit. Except I’m in an office. That isn’t frozen. Or a tundra. Okay, I’m actually more in a frozen city that’s bracing for a potential snowstorm. But that doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Anyways, let’s see what we come up with today, shall we?

  1. Today’s edition title comes from the true confirmation of the first real “It’s cold!!” day at Beerbarrel home base. It works like this,  upon walking outside, your first breath causes the inside of your nose to freeze up because the air is so cold. Yeah, it’s a lovely sensation. Really.
  2. Speaking of cold, and snow. I have to talk about an item from the news. Now, I can think of several ways (most of them being criminal) that this could have happened. However, the news here spins it as actual physical theft may have been the culprit. Of the city of Warren, Michigan missing 3,647 tons of rock salt. Yes, you read that right Three Thousand, Six Hundred Forty Seven TONS of rock salt. Right, because someone just backed up a few thousand pickup trucks and stole it one night.
  3. There are stories in the news that George Lucas – yes, THE George Lucas is talking retirement. While I know there are people out there who probably wish he’d done that before the whole Star Wars prequel movies, and especially before Indiana Jones 4, I’ll be sorry to see him go. The man is a legend of pop culture to several generations thanks to his movies. And I still want to see Red Tails.  If he is retiring, Harrison Ford should throw him a heck of a retirement party. A starring role in TWO giant blockbuster film franchises? And yes. Han shot first.
  4. Going from retirement, and Red Tails… to cracked wings. Okay, brackets that hold the wings, but close enough. Now, I understand the sentiment, and the reasoning for trying to reassure everyone that everything is safe, it isn’t a big deal and all that. But let’s be honest. There is no good way for Airbus to have to talk about the fact that cracks are being in the wings of their A380 superjumbo jet. Let’s be honest here Airbus and look at it from the point of view of the average person. The statement that “the cracks were found on a number of “non-critical” brackets inside the wings” doesn’t work. Here’s why – The brackets connect to the wings. The wings are critical to staying in the air. Therefore, there are no “non-critical” brackets holding the wings onto the plane.  Not to the average flier. Glad to have cleared that up for you.
  5. I’m not really sure where to go with the last one here today. There have been a few things that make easy targets this week. Paula Deen announcing she has diabetes, after getting an endorsement deal with a drug company. Anthony Bourdain making cracks about it on his Twitter account. A farmer being caught spray painting hawks. And then of course there was the disaster with the Italian Cruise ship and subsequent stories about the ship’s Captain. And there’s a new story today. About him ordering dinner AFTER the crash. At this point, I have to weigh in. Really, after the stories that have come out now I think the court of public opinion is totally ready to hang this guy. I think they need to keep him under house arrest in Italy but change the reasoning at this point. Really, now it’s gonna have to be for his own protection. His actions, well… Red?

Okay folks, that’s five thoughts on a very chilly Friday. So in an effort to find something to close out with, I made some calls to recording artists hoping to get a live performance streamed onto the site. None of the calls were returned. So, while we wait for the snow to get here, we’ll just make sure the heat is on.

(I don’t really know any celebrities to call, y’all know that, right?)

Have a great (and warm!) weekend folks!

Thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic

I’ve been a big fan of Star Wars since the original movie came out back when I was young. If I recall correctly my first Star Wars video game was even the Empire Strikes Back game for the Atari 2600. A few years back I bought a video game called Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I had a blast playing it. So much so that I hunted down a copy of its predecessor, Knights of the Old Republic and played through that. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. When word came out that there was going to be a new Star Wars MMO however, I was… unsure. Then it came out that Bioware, the company responsible for the original KOTOR game was going to be making it. Then came word that it was going to be “set” slightly after the KOTOR games, effectively making it an online, multiplayer KOTOR 3 of sorts. I began to develop some interest. I signed up for the beta. I got into some of the testing weekends. I bought Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So why all this babbling? Well, I figured I’d try my hand at a very non-traditional review and post some observations now that I’m far enough in to have unlocked a good chunk of the game. So, here we go.

First thought? Let’s get the 800 pound gorilla out of the room…This game is NOT World of Warcraft. I don’t mean that as either an inherently good or bad statement. I like World of Warcraft. Star Wars: The Old Republic is its own game. Each game has its good and not so good points. There are similarities, sure but the games definitely “feel” different to me.

Much like the earlier Knights of the Old Republic games, the progressions in SWTOR isn’t completely linear. By that, I mean there are huge story choices, which can impact how certain other characters in the game interact with you. So you could basically play the same class twice, make different choices, and get two somewhat different stories. (Not completely different mind you, you do still stick to the same basic script).

In the spirit of “buddy” movies throughout the ages, you’ll spend most of the game traveling with a companion. And for the record, the Smuggler class flies a freighter and has a Wookie available as a companion, so I think Han Solo would approve. I also really like that as get more companions, you can send the ones that aren’t with you off to gather materials or make things for you. They aren’t just back at the ship playing cards or hanging out at the local cantina.

Playing the game, I’m finding it very immersive. The story writing is very enjoyable, if maybe a tad predictable. But hey, it’s a game based on a movie world. Good guys have to fight bad guys, or it would make for a very boring game. It is STAR WARS, Not STAR PEACE after all. And speaking of the stars, I’m a big fan of the space battles. It’s not that they’re horribly difficult once you get the hang of the controls and the objective of the different battles. It’s the little things. The sounds, straight out of the movies. The visuals, the scale it imparts. And the little comments from your crew members that make it so entertaining. During one space battle one of my companions suggested we’d be better off if I let the droid fly the ship. Ouch.

But that’s the fun of it though. The voice acting is very well done. There are cutscenes galore that really help it feel like you’re playing though a movie. The comments from and occasional conversations with your companions really sell the story.

Yes, there are some of the traditional MMO drawbacks in the game, but such is life. There are just certain things you have to have, no matter what the game is.

Overall, I like it. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t that why even as we “grow up”, we still play video games? Because we like it? That’s enough for me. I’ll probably post more about it when I think of stuff, but there you go. A Beerbarrel review of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I guess, to borrow from Siskel and Ebert, I’d give it two beers up.

Have fun out there folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “off on break” Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to what’s likely the last post of the year on this blog. It’s certainly the last Five Thoughts of the year. We’re out of Fridays. Anyhow, I’m feeling rather lazy today, so let’s get started, shall we?

  1. I’ve been out of the office since Christmas and I’m amazed at how fast the time can still go by. And even more amazed at how you don’t realize it.
  2. While it’s great to unplug from the grind and recharge the batteries it can make keeping up with what’s going on in the world around you a bit tough. Especially when you through in all the holiday obligations and such. Like college football bowl games!
  3. Just once before I go back to work I *would* like to get a good night’s sleep though. It’s amazing how efficient a small dog can be at hogging a huge bed and the covers.
  4. Been getting in some gaming time playing the new Star Wars MMO. I really like it. And the way it ties back into the old Knights of the Old Republic games is a fun bonus.
  5. Lastly, as a quick and easy out to this week’s post… Happy New Year everyone. Next up, 2012. Hopefully everyone will have a great one, and we won’t see the end of the world. Although we’re sure to hear about it. Again.

Okay folks, that’s five and I’ll see you next year!

Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year folks!