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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The road to nowhere edition

Wow, Friday again already. I guess it’s a good thing when the work week breezes right by. Lot’s going on and lots coming up. It keeps you hopping. Here in the States, we’re coming up on Memorial Day. Now, it’s regarded a a lot of things – 3 day weekend, the official start of summer, the okay to wear white (I don’t get that one either) but the real reason is to remember those who gave their lives in service to their country. So regardless of your opinions of anything currently happening, think kindly of those who have passed on. Now, there’s one other thing that Memorial Day weekend tends to bring, road trips! And NO, I am not playing “On the Road Again”. We’re staying home, but I am going to roll out this week’s five thoughts.

  1. We’ve already established that I like lists. I especially like lists that include a number of the scariest highways to drive on. Best part is, I’ve driven a number of them already, and have a trip scheduled for another. Worst part? I think my daily drive into the office is scarier.
  2. It’s like a road trip, but with BBQ! Having been through this area, I can also joke that to some it may qualify for the scary highway trip. The food, outstanding! The article, timely. Although in all honesty, there should be one more stop on that trail. A stop at the cardiologist’s office.
  3. Don’t go down THIS road. Seriously, this is a public service courtesy of the Beerbarrel. Do not *ever* use a search term like “wild Asian ass” in a search engine to finish the crossword puzzle of your local paper. It will not end how you think it will.
  4. The road at the bottom of the ocean. A cool story about a lost, but mostly preserved city being explored. Underwater. You’ll need a bigger boat.
  5. The end of the road? Granted, they haven’t done a really noteworthy vehicle of their own in decades now, but it would be really sad to see another historic automotive brand consigned to the scrap heap in the sky.

And that’s five roadmarkers thoughts, so it’s time to hit the gas and move along. Where are we going? Nowhere.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Make it up as we go along” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Five Thoughts. As usual, we’re in a rush to get to the weekend. Why? Because… It’s the weekend! Doesn’t that say enough in and of itself?

So, where does our random little trek take us this week? Well, this week we’re aiming for a mix of comedy, stupidity, and we’re even going to throw in the odd “feel good” story.

So what’s bouncing around in the brain this week? Let’s find out.

  1. Somehow, calling it a “cannonball” pales in comparison to calling it “Ass Bombing“. With a name like that, all I’ll say is… It could have been worse. MUCH worse.
  2. This guy wasn’t real bright. Than again, he’s lucky he didn’t end up very bright. At for one brief, sparking and sizzling moment.
  3. Thought Three… Does there have to be a Thought Three? Since it’s going to be hard to get to four and five with out one, I guess there does. To that end, we wanted to make sure it was a fun one. Can’t top this:
    SMUT IS GOOD FOR YOU! Draw your own conclusions on that one.
  4. I have no real issue with this story. I do have a question though. That being “What kind of damned snakes require a .380 Ruger with laser sights and hollow tip bullets? Did the the snakes start wearing flak jackets down there or something?” Ok, that may actually be two questions. Still… Is the Governor getting gun advice from Dirty Harry?
  5. Going to go with a feel good story here. This guy deserves credit where it’s due. Brooks Laich stopped to help some stranded fans after his team was eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Nice move.

That’s five and we’re out of here. After all, that lawn isn’t going to mow itself. And you can’t have the post “mow the lawn” beer until the lawn is mowed.

And one last quick note… Saturday is Derby Day! So get your Mint Juleps and get ready for the race! Everyone should recognize this tune:

Have a great weekend folks!