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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Back at Home edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. Make yourself at home while I settle back into the chair here, it seems the King moved the seat around a bit last week. Sort of feels like someone else has been driving the car, you know? let’s get back at it, shall we?

  1. Wanting to show he’s just another resident, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing found the wheels and tires stripped from his SUV the other day. I guess that’s one way to claim to be man of the people… or something.
  2. I spent part of my evenings out in the garage this past week, working on a few things. So when I saw a post on “Tools everyone should own“, it caught my attention. Naturally, I have a problem with a few things on that list. For one, I consider safety glasses a necessity, not a tool. I have a pair with a really nice impact right in front of where my eye would be to make that point. But also, if you’re going to tell people they need a drill (Cordless at that)… doesn’t getting drill bits go along by default? Do you really need to list them separately? Then again… Yes, I guess you probably do.
  3. Staying near home… She obviously didn’t read our post. Or any of the other 7 million plus warnings that are out there. Instead, she was talking about delivering a guilty verdict. On Facebook. Before the jury had delivered a verdict. I have two words that describe this… NOT SMART.
  4. It seems that a golfer in California recently sparked a brush fire with his swing. Every time I hear or read this story, I can only think of one thing.
  5. Wow, talk about a travel story that’s both funny, and potentially scary at the same time. It appears that authorities have stopped someone from trying to go all “Snakes on a Plane” in real life! Really man? The movie wasn’t enough? Sheesh!

Ok folks, that’s five and it’s long weekend time! See you Tuesday, maybe!

And just because this one is fun, and a bit of Music History….

Have a great weekend!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Pinball Wizard edition

No, this isn’t going to be some Who themed post. No Superbowl halftime performance or anything like that. What’s it about? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Funniest headline from the Olympics so far was seen on Tuesday. One of the downhill skiing events (I think it may have been the Super Combined) was canceled due to snow. Now, I understand why as far as visibility and all, but the headline on the sports ticker “Alpine Skiing: Men’s Super Combined postponed due to heavy snow” just struck me as funny. Snow skiing, canceled because of… Snow. Yeah.
  2. On a completely difference subject…. To my fellow coworkers. The restrooms are conveniently located right near the coffee station. Please, put your coffee cup on the counter at the coffee station before using the restroom. Do you have any idea how wrong it looks to see you walking out of the bathroom with your cup in your hand? Seriously folks. That’s just nasty.
  3. I’ve spent my fair share of time and money playing pinball over the years. I never truly intended to BE a pinball though. Of all the things to cross off my “list of things I want to do”, “Total a car in a multi vehicle accident at 70mph” was never there. I can now cross it off the list though. As my co-blogger put it “You WERE the pileup on the interstate”. Apparently he heard the traffic report.
  4. The magical first signs of spring are upon us…. Pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training.
  5. I think we need a tag that says “We couldn’t make this up if we tried”. I mean, how else do you explain a headline this this:   Body falls from cargo plane leaving Dominican Rep. About the only thing I find more odd than that, was this line: The flight arrived in Florida about two hours later.  So… a body falls out of a plane taking off, and nobody thinks that maybe they should call the plane and say “umm.. get back here, you just dropped a body!”

Ok folks, that’s five and I’m off to find more trouble to get into!

Have a great weekend folks!