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Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “Big D” edition

So what do you think of our new toy?  Should we keep JR around? He *was* responsible for the technical mishaps earlier though. I’ll hold that against him. Anyways, let’s get started.

  1. If you follow video games at all, you’ve already heard. And no, we’re not referencing a previous Friday post and talking about the word. Unless you’re a gamer who’s been living under a rock for the past week you’ve heard that the next World of Warcraft expansion is set to be released on December 7th. Somebody do me a favor and check attendance levels at work and school on the 7th and 8th of December. I think they’ll be a bit low.
  2. Last week I mentioned the traffic signs telling people to go to the state website to look for traffic info. In a state that has a ban on texting while driving.  I don’t think they read this blog, but those signs have been changed. This week, they’re warning us that “Big Trucks Have Big Blind Spots”. Really? Thanks there, Captain Obvious.  Seriously, I want that job if that’s the best you have to do.
  3. Speaking of Captains…Johnny Depp did something pretty cool the other day. Well, let me rephrase that. It would appear that Captain Jack Sparrow did something pretty cool. I understand why he looks like a pirate – but what about the other guys in the background though. Was it pirate day at school or something?
  4. This news comes via Autoblog, who got it from The Detroit Bureau. Now I don’t know weather to file this under “Journalism police”, “grammar police”, or “headline editor police” but it needs to go somewhere. There are two headlines available on this:Exclusive Report: Nissan May Offer Free Car Loans To Leaf Buyers  (The Detroit Bureau) and
    Nissan to offer free conventional car loan to Leaf buyers to ease range anxiety? (Autoblog)
    Here’s my issue with both of them. While I think the second one is a bit better, it’s still lacking….. The article is about a loaner car. There is a significant difference between a CAR LOAN, and a LOANER CAR. These headlines make it sound like they’re talking about automotive financing, not loaning an electric car owner a gas powered vehicle for longer trips. Small wonder people get confused!
  5. So let me get this straight…. The new RMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived in port and is the replacement for the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2). That ship of course…. replaced the Queen Elizabeth. Wait… what? Do they not believe in the number 3 at Cunard Lines? When this one gets replaced are they going to name it’s replacement the QE2 again?

Ok folks, that’s a slightly delayed five and we’re off to chase down the weekend. Sorry about the technical glitches that held things up today. If you’re wondering about how we got all the way down here without any references to tie in the “Big D” edition title… Well, you weren’t paying attention in the 80’s, were you? (If you weren’t there, you’re excused).

See, while I realize that the model used in the video up top was probably intended to be a certain former US president know by a one letter nickname… In the hat, that character reminds me of a TV character known by two letters. J R. As in J.R. Ewing. That’s right folks, we’re talking 80’s prime time television cheese of the highest order here. We’re talking Dallas. Which was obviously set in “Big D”.


Have a great weekend!

About face! (That was fast…)

We’d love to take credit for it but I doubt they even noticed us.

An interesting thing though. Early today thought number one in Five Thoughts on a Friday dealt with Blizzard Entertainment and their “RealID” system that was going to display the real first and last name of players posting on their forums. (Say what you want about us but we get results, huh? I kid! I kid!)

We noted that the story had started to migrate out of game related blogs and forums and into the mainstream news cycle.

This afternoon Blizzard’s CEO took to the Warcraft forums to announce that users will NOT have to have their real identities shown when they post.

I’ll say this is a good move, a public fight in the media on a matter of privacy issue was a battle Blizzard would never win. They did the smart thing and avoided it, at least for now.

Have a great one folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – “Hey, where did we go?” edition

Happy Friday again everyone. Yes, we’ve been sort of absent for the past week. I actually meant to get a post up Tuesday or Wednesday, but I just couldn’t get it worked out. The post was, ironically, about writer’s block. Still, it’s Friday and that means we’re back at it with our weekly “Five Thoughts”. And awaaaaay we go!

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about this, but this morning I saw it on the front page of Yahoo!. If people didn’t know about it before, they will soon if the major news and web sites (as opposed to blogs and forums, no offense meant) start carrying the story. Blizzard Entertainment (The folks who make World of Warcraft) seem to be playing pretty fast and loose with people’s personal information. I’ll leave my personal thoughts on the sideline and say this… There is NO WAY Blizzard can win the PR battle on this one. None. If this story goes mainstream, the PR backlash they’ll get hit with will be unreal (And remember folks, PR doesn’t have to be logical or rational. You still have to deal with it, though). All they have to do is ask their friends at Facebook.
  2. Let’s change gears here and deal with soccer (you know, the football the rest of the world plays). Seems there’s been an octopus in Germany that’s been correctly picking a lot of the games. Seems he correctly picked Spain to beat Germany. He got another one right – that’s good, right? Not so much. It appears some people in Germany now feel the octopus would be better off being dinner. Ouch. So much for being good at what you do.
  3. Get out the tin foil hats! There’s a secret message embedded in the logo of the US Cyber Command’s logo! It might just be their motto, or it could be some message that they’re planning to take over the world! Or it could be someone saying that someone owes them a pizza because they actually put the code in the logo. Have fun with it, folks!
  4. So LeBron made his choice, huh? I could say I watched it, but I would be lying. I could say I care, and I’d be telling you the truth. “Let me explain… no, there is no time, let me sum up.” I don’t follow basketball all that much. I do read the sports page though so I know what’s been going on. And I *do* care. I really do. I wanted him to hurry up and make his decision. So the story would GET OFF OF MY DAMNED SPORTS TICKER! See? There’s a reason for everything.
  5. I don’t think I will ever understand this. You didn’t like the verdict and were upset about it, so you rioted. Ok, there’s almost some convoluted logic to that. Why then, when you’re celebrating your team winning the big game… you… riot? Go ahead, call me confused. I just don’t get it.

So there we go, this week’s Five Thoughts. Now that that’s done, can someone tell me if it’s time to start the weekend yet? No? Not yet? Damn.

This past Monday a legendary NHL tough guy passed away far too soon. Bob Probert passed away at age 45 after complaining of chest pains. His funeral is today in Windsor, Ontario Canada. Just across the Detroit river from Windsor sits Joe Louis Arena where he made his name with the Red Wings. He even helped name a band with one of his fights.  Five for Fighting took it’s name from the fight.

From John Ondrasik’s Twitter:
To clarify fff was named after a hockey fight between Bob Probert and Marty McSorley #f4f

Here’s the fight, it’s legendary:

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Why aren’t I outside” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts.

As I sit here typing this up, I can’t help but marvel at the sentiment I used for this week’s “edition name”. When we first shuffled around the office, I thought it was great (And I got asked who I bribed, who’s you know what I kissed,etc.) to get a window view like I did. Now I’m sitting here, looking at sunny skies and green trees on an 85 degree day thinking…. This truly SUCKS. I should be out there, not in here! So please excuse me if my writing wanders (more than normal, that is) since my brain is off playing in the sunshine somewhere while I’m stuck here at my desk.  Anyways…. On to today’s five thoughts!

  1. Father’s Day was this past Sunday, and it found me in downtown Detroit at Comerica Park taking in the Tigers versus the Arizona Diamondbacks with my Dad. The weather was gorgeous, the beer was cold, the Tigers won on the strength of two 7th inning home runs (one of which may not yet have landed). A great time was had by all, and the added bonus? Hearing the Star Spangled banner played by Jeff Beck. Sometimes it’s good to be lucky when you score tickets.
  2. Tuesday was maintenance/patch day for World of Warcraft as they rolled out patch 3.3.5. I can’t even fathom how complex the coding for an MMO with that much content and 11 million subscribers must be. As things turn it, the downtime for installation had to be extended. I have to tell you, if you ever want a good laugh, read the customer service forums for Warcraft when that happens. You’d think some of these people were ready to jump off of a bridge! And gamers sometimes wonder why they get the reputations they do.  Reminds me of the Southpark Episode where they ask… “How do you kill that which has no life?
  3. So according to North Korea, the United States owes them nearly $65 trillion dollars. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. Every time I try to read that article, I hear it in my head with the Dr. Evil voice from the Austin Powers movies.
  4. Changing gears completely here for a cool bit of maritime news. A 300 foot wooden ship was recently found at the bottom of Lake Michigan, almost perfectly preserved due to the depth it’s at. The L.R. Doty was recently found in the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan. While the article doesn’t give a lot of details about the location of the ship (probably to keep it safe), it does offer one clue. “Meanwhile, a Milwaukee fisherman in 1991 reported snagging his nets on an obstruction about 300 feet under water.” You read that right. 300 feet deep. In a lake. Folks, if you’ve never seen the great Lakes it’s hard to understand. They aren’t traditional lakes. They’re freshwater oceans for all intents. They’re massive. I’ll let one of the last lines of the article help explain it best. “Lake Michigan has about 500 dive-worthy ships still to be found, Baillod estimated.”
  5. Tonight is the NHL entry draft. I don’t get too excited about this because, well.. it isn’t the NFL draft (Or even the NBA). It’s more like the baseball draft. Most of these kids will go into the minor leagues never to be seen again. I’m not trying to be harsh here, it’s just the truth. Which is why I always laugh when I read some of these mock drafts. I realize the draft is one of those times when a fan’s hope “springs eternal”, but these things can be so sugar coated at times it’s sickening. To read some of the descriptions, you’d think all of these guys will be NHL regulars by next year. Sorry to rain on the parade folks. See that list of 30 names? Scratch about half of them out right now. They won’t pan out. That’s the reality of it all.

Ok folks, and that’s five for this week. And because of the tone I managed to strike with a couple of the posts…. let’s go with this one…. (NSFW laguage)

Have a Great Weekend Folks!

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Five thoughts on a Friday…The heavy on movies edition

Friday again already. Hard to complain when you’re staring at a weekend, isn’t it? Let’s see where today leads us…

  1. So last weekend, The Karate Kid offed the A-Team for the top spot at the box office. I wonder… was it Wax on, or Wax off?
  2. Saw what may be one of the dumbest advertisements the other day. It was fear mongering at it’s best. The ad says “Stop the spread of bacteria in your home” or some such nonsense. The product? An automatic soap dispenser. See, if you don’t have to touch it, you won’t get those icky, nasty bacteria on your hands! Of course, isn’t the point of WASHING your hands with soap and water to clean them? And doesn’t the touching of the soap dispenser occur BEFORE said washing? Meaning any minuscule amount of bacteria you pick up from touching the soap dispenser… would get washed away anyways? Listen, if you really want to throw your money away that badly, send it to us! Happy we could clear that one up.
  3. With the next World of Warcraft expansion approaching, it seems the people who try to steal account information (commonly referred to as being “hacked”) are really stepping up their phishing efforts. I get several emails from them every day. To an email that I’ve never used for the game. Heck, I’m even getting emails warning my my account could be suspended on games I’ve never even played or registered for! Nice to see they don’t discriminate. The account I did use, ironically, has never gotten a single email from them.
  4. I can’t even begin to list the number of things that started running through my head when I saw the headline: Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane When First Officer Falls Ill. Did he have the fish? Was he wearing a Lakers jersey? They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting into. Where they also out of coffee? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go rent Airplane!, right now.
  5. They were, after all…. “On a Mission from God“. And it was one of the all time great movies ever made.

That’s five for today and we’re out of here. Before we go though, a happy Father’s day to all you Dads out there, including our very own King.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday, the Light That Torch Edition

Well folks, we’ve made it to another Friday! Let’s see what’s rattling around in Beer’s brain for this edition of Five Thoughts.

  1. Note to the grocery store. No, I don’t want to buy one of your little cloth grocery bags to “go green”. You know how I want to go green? By saving paper. Yeah, paper. See, when I stop in to buy bread and milk… not only do I not need a bag (cloth or otherwise) but I also don’t need a receipt that’s a foot and a half long!
  2. The Winter Olympics are here. These were always THE Olympics to watch growing up. The summer ones, not so much. The winter games are all the stuff your parents told you NOT to do. “Stay off the ice”, “Don’t sled down that hill it’s not safe”. I mean – they have a sport that combines skiing and GUNS! Now, if we could get one that involves ski jumping and guns, I bet the ratings would really skyrocket.
  3. Of course, speaking of the Olympics – What the heck happened to the “Great White North”? I think the east coast of the United States has stolen all the snow this winter. Quit hogging all the snow! Then again, that whole ski jumping thing could get a lot more interesting if there’s no snow when they land.
  4. On the gaming front, Star Trek Online is getting a fair amount of buzz. Might need to check it out. Also coming on the horizon… World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which is apparently going to be coming out this year. A golden age for MMOs? Or is it going to be market over saturation? Time will tell.
  5. This was a good one from the news this week. A Thief robbed an arcade with a cup of coffee. Laugh all you want, but I can see it happening. Heck, if it’s anything like the coffee here at the office, those people had plenty of reasons to be fearful. Bad coffee can be seriously scary stuff!

Ok folks, that’s five and we’re just about down. But I want to leave with one final little tidbit. Because when it comes to winter sports crashes, there’s one phrase that will be forever burned into the pop culture lexicon. The holy grail of ski crashes, if you will. And it can be summed up in these four words:

“The Agony of Defeat”

Is there a more iconic ski crash, than the one that played for years on Wide World of Sports?

Have a great weekend folks!