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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “What the Hell Was That?!” Edition

GOOD MORNING VIETNAAMMMMM!!!! This is not a test this is Rock and Roll!! Now that I have your attention I thought this Friday would get a little nuttier than usual. My good friend Beer is having some technical difficulties so I am taking this pony for a ride. By technical difficulties we mean he has no internet access and not that there is no more beer in the fridge. Let’s take a look and see what we have today shall we.

  1. We all love movies especially action packed ones with fast cars with good guys and bad guys shooting at each other while driving down the road some foreign city. One of my favorites of all time is some of the old James Bond movies. Man that Aston Martin and all those gadgets it had were amazing. But when it happens in real life like In South Africa then you have to say oh man that is scary…………. and cool!
  2. Mother Nature has a crazy way of working as we all know. One should always be aware of our surroundings especially in places where alligators reside. One should also know that walking your dog near the water’s is something you should be concerned about…… areas where alligators reside!!! But man there’s nothing you can do when a hungry gator sees an 80-pound Husky as its dinner. See ya later old Wally Gator.
  3. So as a kid I would love playing Monopoly with my brother because it was a cool game. Everyone had different rules to make the game fun or faster depending on your level of ADD. I am also for sprucing games to draw kids away from the electronic devices that seem to control our daily lives. One thing that I just can’t take is messing with a great board game to woo anyone. Taking “In Jail” away is just wrong on so many levels.
  4. This one is just plain fun and innovative to me. What makes guys guys is our consistent pursuit to bring two of our favorite things together and enjoy them. For instance Beer and Golf, Beer and Fishing, Beer and Watching football …. You get the picture right. But when you bring a pool and car together I say its genius! Even that police had to take a second look when you see a car with guys splashing around driving down the street. Do don’t suppose that perhaps some beer was involved in the planning of this poolmobile do you?
  5. Like my buddy Beer has said to me several times he wants to get into a cage and dive down to see sharks in the wild. I say uuuummmm no freekin’ way. I would go see whales on a watching cruise and I have done that. It is an amazing site to see those mammoth creatures swim so gracefully. But I would not get in the water at their lunch time like these guys did to get a picture. I think they are in need of two new wet suits after crapping themselves from this one. Maybe they thought they could speak whale or something.

Well folks that does it for this edition of Five Thoughts. I hope you have been entertained and amused. I was informed that this is Christmas in July time. Well say do like the Digital Underground and say Do what you like!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Kinda Warm Here…” Edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another hot, sweltering day here at Beerbarrel Productions. Yep, it’s hot. Looking at the map, it’s pretty much hot everywhere right now, but don’t worry! Relief is on the way! How can I be so sure? It’s simple really. There are only about 158 days until Christmas. Hey, I never said it was gonna cool down anytime soon, just that it would! And with that out of the way, let’s see what we can find for today, shall we?

  1. You know, when it gets hot and humid like it’s been around here, the bugs love it. Mosquitoes, june bugs, you name it. They all seem to be out in force right now. And when you have lots of bugs around, sometimes you need to take some more extreme measures to combat them. Using enough “bug bombs” to partially collapse a building though? I think you took the “bomb” part of the name a little too literally there…
  2. Speaking of buildings getting knocked down…. I guess nobody double checked the address, since a contractor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was hired to demolish a condemned home. Only to knock down the wrong house. That there is a big old “Texas-sized” whoops!
  3. This is the part of the post where I include something just because I think it’s cool. I went to a school that had a very prominent fencing program (Or so I’m told). Even then, I never paid much attention to it. I think it’s cool, I just don’t really ever think to myself “Hey, I should watch fencing”. Apparently I’m not alone in that. Enter a really fun, cool idea to try to get people to watch. A marketing campaign comparing it to sword fights in the movies.

    As the guys from the Guinness ads would say… Brilliant!

  4. Switching gears into some at least marginally automotive related news, it seems like I can’t let a week go by these days without posting something about people being fired up about privacy. Like this article, that details how law enforcement agencies are tracking the movements of your license plate as you drive around.
  5. Lastly, just to be evil and give everyone nightmares, I’m including this one. Now, I’ve taken my fair share of vacations. And I’ve taken my fair share of grief for taking those trips from my co-bloggers who like to have fun with my vacation schedule right here on this very blog. This one though… note to self, NO vacations to Peru. Why you may ask? Because I don’t want to bring home a souvenir in the form of a flesh eating maggot inside my head! Yeah, you read that right. It was in her head!

Okay folks, that’s five and it’s time for me to hit the road. And if the police want to track my license plate, that’s fine. Heck, I could even consider it a public service. If they know where I usually go, and I end up somewhere I’m not familiar with, they’ll be able to tell me how to get there. Because obviously, I musta got lost. And with that, someone will finally understand who wubu gubu with the green teeth is…

Have a great weekend folks!


Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “Yeah, sort of missed a week” Edition

Apologies folks, last week sort of slipped away from us and it was some time Friday afternoon that I realized that we hadn’t done a post for the week. We weren’t all on vacation or anything, in fact I think we were all mostly in the area. Ah well. Anyways, this week we’re back it so let’s see what’s up, shall we?

  1. I’m a firm believer in the saying “Every time you make something idiot-proof, the world just makes a bigger idiot”. As a result, we seem to have a lot of really dumb people in the world these days. Take this article. I’m sorry, “I forgot it was there” is really no excuse for this. As my cohorts like to pick on me for, I travel a fair bit. A lot of it is on airplanes. If I can remember to not bring the little utility tool knife through security, there’s no reason for more and more people to show up for their flight with a gun! Now, I’m not an anti-gun person by any means, but if you can’t remember it’s in your carry on bag, should you really own a gun in the first place?
  2. Staying with the “not real bright, are you?” theme… What exactly did this ‘brain surgeon’ think was going to happen when they modified an old machine gun to make it seem like it was firing and drove around town with it mounted on a vehicle? Yep, the police got involved, and they got arrested. As our buddy Red would say….
  3. And one more for good measure… While summer has been going along swimmingly up here (No seriously, we’re virtually swimming we’ve gotten so much rain here in Michigan this summer! Good thing I have a boat!) it’s been hot, and I mean HOT in other parts of the country. Like Death Valley. Where they made a really fun video showing a ranger frying an egg in a skillet that’s been out in the sun. And that where the idiots came in. People visiting death valley tried to fry eggs. Except, they aren’t using skillets. They’re frying them on the ground, and making a huge mess of things. And now the park literally is asking people to stop frying eggs on the ground.
  4. Of course, as I’m carrying on about all this I came across this one which points out… I’m going about it all wrong! Well, except that I’m not technically writing a complaint letter. But I love this one, and I wanted to share. And if you look closely on the site, there’s actually TWO great complain letters available. And the only thing I can add is that it just reinforces my belief that if you do need to write a complaint letter, be clear about what was wrong but there’s no reason to be nasty about it. That doesn’t get you anywhere.
  5. And lastly, I know this will have some people up in arms for various reasons. This blog isn’t the place to worry about that type of stuff though. I’m just putting it here because I think it’s freaking cool that a completely computer controlled unmanned aircraft (With zero human control, not even remotely) is capable of multiple carrier landings. We’re one step closer to Skynet!

Okay folks, that’s five and I’m calling it a day. Why does it seem like I’m cutting it short? Because as I mentioned up in the post, we’ve had a ton of rain around here recently. But today? Blue skies. And in honor of finally seeing a blue sky

Have a great weekend folks!